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lopos2000 01 August 2005 09:58

Need help with startup-sequence
It's me again. I just wanted to know how the Amiga does the startup procedure. Recently i installed Scalos and it didn't work on my Amiga. Tried to remove it but I still get a message at the startup to insert the Scalos disk.
I did remove the assign line in the user-startup and can't find anything in the startup-sequence to stop the request.
Where else do I have to look for things which are loaded at the startup?
Any ideas.

redblade 01 August 2005 10:04

I think on the Workbench partion, there is a 'startup' drawer or something, where you copy icons, and those programs get executed.

sorry but can't remember the correct name of the drawer as I usually use the files in the startup-sequence.

lopos2000 01 August 2005 10:20

Thanks. It's the WBStartup drawer. I removed Scalos from there. Still the same.

Konrad 01 August 2005 10:48

Normally it's just startup-sequence, then user-startup and then wbstartup folder. Don't know what Scalos does to these files/folders. If you can't find anything pointing to the scalos exe or folder you probably have a patch run on startup which has been installed by Scalos.
You could also compare your startup-sequence with the one of the workbench disc. It could give a hint.

thomas 01 August 2005 11:43

Scalos is a Workbench replacement. As such it probably replaces the LoadWB command in the C drawer. Try to copy the original LoadWB command from your Workbench disk.

lopos2000 01 August 2005 11:54

Thanks thomas. That's it.

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