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BlankVector 20 February 2017 11:22

Benchmark: ARAnyM vs WinUAE
As WinUAE is now able to run clean Atari software with decent video modes (see fVDI driver for WinUAE), the resulting environment is similar to the one obtained with ARAnyM (Atari emulator). So I tried to run Kronos, a popular Atari benchmark. This makes sense, as ARAnyM is based on old UAE 68040 CPU emulator, with or without JIT.

See details, screenshot and comments on the MiNT Mailing List.
No big surprise: results are similar, even if there are a few differences.
Anyway, JIT results are far beyond real hardware :great

mark_k 20 February 2017 15:32

Could you post the WinUAE config you used for testing?

BlankVector 20 February 2017 15:43

I could, but the WinUAE config file alone would not help much. I plan to publish a ready-to-use IDE disk image with all the required stuff, but first that requires to put everything together, deal with legal stuff, etc. That is not going to happen very soon.

mark_k 20 February 2017 17:10

I was mainly curious to see if there were any settings that could be adjusted/optimised to improve the emulation speed.

BlankVector 21 February 2017 09:21

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Originally Posted by mark_k (Post 1142181)
Could you post the WinUAE config you used for testing?

Here it is.

mark_k 24 February 2017 20:57

Some suggestions which could give you a % or two improvement, maybe...

In Chipset settings, change Collision Level to None.
In Display settings, see whether changing buffering (none/double/triple), and whether full-screen (non-vsync) makes any difference.
In Sound settings, if you're not using sound change to Disabled. Or if you are using it, to reduce CPU usage you could try changing stereo separation to 100%, interpolation to Disabled and Audio filter to Always off. WASAPI EX may have lower CPU use than other modes.

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