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ppill 09 June 2019 13:00

Bootblock with Tcopy functionality.
So working on RAD versions of Hombre i found a useful utility that mounts RAD: and copies tracks from the flopppy disk to which is a lot quicker than coping the individual files or even writing an an image from a single file.


c:tcopy -t14 -vRADical -nRAD "-eWorking... remove disk and reboot when finished." df0: rad: 1 14 0
That's it. Quick and easy.

Could all this functionality fit onto a bootblock?

Leffmann 17 June 2019 15:40

I can't sign up this time :) but I think it's doable on 2.0 and later because the ramdrive.device sits in the Kickstart ROM. It would get much more difficult on 1.3 because the driver is on the Workbench disk, and is too large to move into the 1024 bytes boot block.

ppill 18 June 2019 10:34

:) Couldn't the device be accessed from the disk in devs:? To make it easier a couple of tracks could be reserved for the necessary files and read straight from the blocks.

Anyway the current setup works great. Just shaving that extra couple of seconds would be icing on the cake ;)

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