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bodhi 07 December 2012 18:22

Gfx glitch

I experiencing few gfx glitches under WinUAE (lastest 2.5.0). For example, the screenshot below is from the demo Desert Dream (WHDIntalled).

I've noticed a few other demos show similar glitches.

I haven't been using WinUAE for a couple of years now (can't remeber the last version I used extensively) but I'm using AGA/68060 configuration settings similar to what I've always used with Winuae in the past. I've never noticed these glitches before and the glitch does not show when I run the same demos on my real A1260

Anyone have a clue what I could try to fix it (configwise) ?


s2325 07 December 2012 18:32

Maybe try with cycle exact option.

bodhi 07 December 2012 18:44

urgh.. I thought I already tried that switch - obviously not! :banghead

thank you, that worked.

Toni Wilen 07 December 2012 18:47

Fastest possible and JIT are now much faster when program uses blitter heavily. It is rarely compatible with old demos and games.

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