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Bloodwych 04 August 2004 21:35

ClassicWB Feedback & Guestbook
Please feel free to leave your comments and suggestions here, good or bad!

For support relating to ClassicWB problems or other issues, please start a new thread in the "project.ClassicWB" forum.

Thanks. :)

EmuChicken 02 September 2004 14:46

Excellent project! ClassicWB hasnt let me down yet ;-)

Everything I need in an OS from the start- no more of this tinkering around downloading EVERY program and then having problems installing it- yatta!

Will the next one have a C64 emulator preinstalled? - - with donald duck and pitstop 2? :-D

Bloodwych 02 September 2004 15:03

LOL! Yeah, emulators are one of the few things it's missing but the packs are already huge. Pitstop 2 ok, but the DDster? :confused Never played it so I wouldn't know!

Mrukk 08 September 2004 01:53

Hey Bloodwych,

I just installed your ClassicWB last night, and it worked perfectly and saved me a bunch of time. Thanks a ton!

Cheers! :bowdown

Marcuz 08 September 2004 02:42

hey if there's a guestbook i wanna be in :) your work is really great Bw, i use it as my main workbench most of the time, thanks mate! suggestions? i can point some progs i used back then, and keep in mind that being not hard to install and configure maybe they are better to be dl from aminet from ppl interested, not to fat the package. but apart of that...

Hex of Nicola Salmoria,
mymenu (a menu adder if someone don't like the floating menu)

not really a must, i add them everywhere tough :cheese

killergorilla 08 September 2004 02:53

Well, well, well Bloodwych,

I've just got around to installing the latest classicwb. It was a piece of piss!

I love the new features man, Dopus is much nicer now it's got that little scroll bar. Although PC: shows up all the time even though I have no PC: drive.

I thought the old classicwb was superb, now it's almost damn perfect, cheers man. Much, much appreciated.

Bloodwych 08 September 2004 15:19

Wow, no comments in the lonely guestbook then loads come along at once - thanks guys!

Mrukk - welcome to EAB. :)

Marco, I'm always looking for things to add so I'll check those out when the next release cycle kicks in.

KillerG - you need to go to "Project->Configure" from the dopus menu and set up things yourself as it doesn't auto detect. I use the PC option for two things - when I add a PC directory in winuae or when I mount a network like "Ami->PC" on a real Amiga. In both cases the device is called "PC:", which also automatically causes the ClassicWB to give it a nice workbench disk icon. Thanks for mentioning that - I'll put it in the tips & FAQ.

Remember the main benefit of Dopus 4.16 - you can open all archives just like directories as a alternative to using a separate archive program.

Doc Mindie 09 October 2004 00:52

Heya :D

I'm using ClassicWB on one of my UAE-configs . . . I've never used AROS before, so I'm a bit uncomfortable with THAT part still.

Otherwise . . . I've been thinking of setting up a small partition on my A1200 to boot it from (sorta "dual-boot" from the pre-whatever-menu :P) and play with Shapeshifter and the like on there.

I must say, that apart from using that 7z-packing, (which made me SIGH for a long while) I'm quite happy with it :D I DID repack it to LHA, though, just for the fun of transferring it to the A1200 ;)

Bloodwych 16 October 2004 18:15

No more 7-zip Doc - the packages are now RAR.

When you repack it for transferring to the Amiga using LHA format rather than zip as specified in the instructions, make sure you use the option to include empty directories. ;) By default, LHA doesn't include them.

gambit_006 04 December 2004 16:15

Cheers Bloodwych damn good and quick install. I use it on my 1200. It has everything I need and probaby more when I need it. Love it most for it ease of use because I havn't used workbench for many years and is good for beginers and advanced users alike. Great work. Final note small install ... leaves al that space for GAMES!!!!. Yeah

Bloodwych 28 December 2004 13:11

Thanks for the kind words Gambit. Yes, I try and make them as easy to use as possible.

Doc Mindie 16 January 2005 01:36

I've got another thought . . . about the "ease of use thing" . . . for real Amiga-users, wouldn't it be better without that lightdamn HDF-file?

Bloodwych 16 January 2005 02:24

Doc, I'm afraid I feel the HDF file is the best way to go:


There is a reason for the HDF – it actually allows the size of each download pack to be reduced significantly and being on a 33K upload convinced me that’s the way to go.

One big advantage of the ClassicWB being on a HDF is you can use an emulator to customize it before transferring to a real Amiga.

Also, I’ve had people complain the "zip only" method is too much work to install in UAE. Many people have Windows XP and actually hook up their real Amiga hard disk to the PC and copy the HDF contents over using an emulator.

With this in mind, I feel this really is the best balance and allows you to have a complete Workbench (files from WB disk copied over) once you’ve booted the HDF once. Very similar to AIAB.

As for those who still use the zip method - it’s very easy to create the zip file in an emulator and saves me doing it my end which, for several packs, can take forever. A config and full instructions are provided. The install disk still present. Now the install disk doesn’t ask for the Workbench disk Amiga side because it’s been done in an emulator first.

EmuChicken 16 January 2005 23:04

note- the only way to install now using an amiga is probably by using winUAE.... damnit! ... and a 2.5 > 3.5 hard drive converter... or have lots of problems like me with zipping the bloody drive!

I still think its a bad way to go bloodwych, much less problems with the installations before... sad but true

Bloodwych 16 January 2005 23:39

EmuC, I'll gladly help you or anyone else with any issues you are having. After all, you were kind enough to help me. :)

I'm still failing to see the difficulty here. In my opinion it's actually easier and more beneficial method for all concerned - for those using the zip method fully outlined in the instructions, you get to finalise and customise the workbench PC/Mac/whatever side before creating the zip file.

Plus you are only asked for the workbench disk once and that's it - you have a complete workbench to do with as you please. Is it really much to ask the end user to zip them up themselves - a 5 minute job?

I mean, installation as KillerG said above is "a piece of piss", although he did use the Windows XP method. Creating the zip is just a normal means of creating an archive from within the ClassicWB (running in UAE):

Creating "System.zip" in WinUAE
  • Add the "System.hdf" file provided to the hard drives tab.
  • Add a PC directory to the Hard Drives tab. You can call this whatever you wish, however using "PC" for either the device or volume name will produce a nice Workbench icon shown in the pictures.
  • Boot the ClassicWB and load "Dopus" from the popup menu.
  • Select "DH0" for one window and the "PC" directory added in 1) for the second window.
  • Highlight all the ClassicWB files on "DH0" and click the "ZIP" button.
  • When asked to enter an archive name, type "System".
  • Hit return and wait for the archive to be finalized (may take a while).

Test the archive's integrity either in Dopus or Windows.

That's it. Job done. If you're still having issues create a new thread in the ClassicWB forum and I'll try and help further. :)

EmuChicken 17 January 2005 00:01

You've no idea how long I've been trying to zip the file up... I keep getting it done, then it doesnt work in the amiga, (I tried zipping in dopus before but it kept dissapearing!) ... bloodyyy pc emulation! And I've tried other zippy pc tools which I managed to extract on the miggy, and then it doesnt even start up...

in the end I got a 2.5 > 3.5 converter, so I can see the ups for hdf / whatever, but for the average amiga user, I find it a lot more of a hassle to get over than the zip file, this install with the hdf is more for a winuae nut :-p

Bloodwych 17 January 2005 00:08

I guess you're right in that I'm assuming UAE familiarity.

I'll try and address this in the future EmuC as you're not the only one who's mentioned this. Problem is, when it was a zip I got complaints from others so I can't win. I think a picture based instruction manual will be better too.

Anyway, once I have broadband, I'll provide both types of files. :D

EmuChicken 17 January 2005 00:37

;-) Aye!

I've got it all working now, Classicwb is looking better than ever! :-D too bad about this snag :-(

paul_r_t 19 January 2005 00:41

Just tried out ClassicWB on WinUAE and was very very impressed! I am going to install the package on my Amiga 4000 and get rid of AmigaOS 3.9 once and for all, I have never been that impressed with it. It was also nice to see Directory Opus 4 as part of the package (the best Amiga program ever) configured for virtually every archive type :great

Keep up the good work your doing a fantastic job :bowdown

Doc Mindie 20 January 2005 01:28

Ahh, Okays, Blood.

Now, I downloaded the ADV-pack, to use on WinUAE . . . (this was about 14 days ago) I thought it said the ADV-pack was set up with P96? well, I couldn't find it anywhere, so . . . I downloaded and installed it meself

Would there be any reason not to just include the package (not necessarily install it) on the "lighter" versions of Classic?

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