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Peanutuk 11 January 2003 01:27

miami and AOL

Trying to connect to AOL using maimi. UNfortunately Miami keeps reporting that it is unable to find my local IP address. Using a program that reads the IP number whilst the PC is connected to AOL it is clear that the Ip number which AOL gives me is dynamic; the first half or so of digits are usually the same and then it is always different.
I am doing something wrong or is it not possible to connect to AOL in this way?

Many thanks for any help as I am so nearly there to finally getting the Miggy online!


Korodny 11 January 2003 03:47

You can't connect to AOL without their custom software. You might want to try using your PC as a gateway to browse the net with your Amiga - no idea if this is possible, but it would be your only option.

Peanutuk 11 January 2003 12:11

I thought that this may b the case. I guess I will have to try a diferent ISP

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