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Peter 15 November 2012 00:42

FRAC V2.0 Text Adventure Creator
I have version 1.1 but I wonder if anyone has V2.0 of the FRAC Text Adventure Creator?

Be grateful if you could post if you know where to get it?

Peter 28 November 2012 17:38


emufan 28 November 2012 20:06

have beend looking a while back, without success. only version 1.1 from 1992. no sign of 2.0. you are sure about it's existence ?
there is GR.A.C 2.0. no d/l there. maybe this?

GRAC is in the zone. version 1 and 2. not tested.

Peter 28 November 2012 20:23

I read a magazine review of version 2 - I will try and find the magazine...

emufan 28 November 2012 20:31

ok :)
Edit: now i found a sign of FRAC 2.0.

Published by AmigaNuts. i reuploaded the catalogue disk into the zone. i cannot find info on disk, maybe i missed it. just try.

James 30 November 2012 11:43

AmigaNuts were not distributing FRAC 2.0 as PD, it was part of their licensed sofware range, selling for £5. Could be very hard to find... will keep an eye out for it.

Peter 30 November 2012 18:05

Ah yes - that the review I read... agreed it will be tough to find... I will have to investigate further...

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