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Uplink7 22 November 2004 04:36

MagicWB registration
I'm new to scene and have a couple of 1200s. 1 running WB 3.9 and the other has 3.1 with MUI and MagicWB. My question is can MagicWB still be registered? Website says no and I don't want to send money if it is not still available. I registered MUI but can't seem to find out how to register MagicWB. I like it as an alternative to 3.9 and want to see what I can do with it but everytime I boot it up it asks for registration.

Bloodwych 22 November 2004 18:40

Well, since no one seems to know where it can be registered and I have no idea if it still can I'll just say...

...you can build a MagicWB themed workbench yourself with free downloads from Aminet. Icons and utilities exist that allow the colours to be set correctly, but it can be time consuming. There are even utilities that create a colour gradient copper backdrop like Magicwb.

To see what's possible, have a look at the ClassicWB packages hosted on the same site as EAB. It uses MUI too (unregistered).

DrBong 26 November 2004 18:32

MagicWB can no longer be registered. After 3-4 years of procrastination with minor updates, the MagicWB author said in Jan 1998 he would not release a new version of MagicWB unless he received some encouragement in the form of registrations. With NewIcons being better and free and the number of Amiga users dwindling, there were probably few registrations in the months aftwerwards. I gather the MagicWB author disabled registrations once it became blatantly obvious that few were going to pay for an outdated product. Either that or GlowIcons/OS 3.5 came along to remove all hope.

I suggest you try NewIcons 4.6 (available on Aminet) if your A1200 has some fastram. If not, then I can probably dig up a cracked version of MagicWB 2.0/2.1 for you.

Medvind 31 January 2005 00:01

I'm in the middle of re-installing WB3.1 now and really like MagicWB and MUI (sorry Akira! ;)) but found out aswell that MagicWB can't be registered anymore. So did you ever dig up some cracked version of it? I really would register it of I could, as I plan on doing with MUI.

DrBong 31 January 2005 19:30

In the Zone. It's supposedly a regged version, but I make no promises as I've never tried it (always been a NewIcons/GlowIcons fanboy). Good luck!

Medvind 01 February 2005 01:41

It was indeed registered :) Thanks! If there's anything I ever can do for you, let me know :great

DrBong 01 February 2005 04:07

No problem! Enjoy!

T_hairy_bootson 22 March 2005 11:17

Damn I missed this, can some one upload magicWB registered for me please.


AMIGAZ 22 March 2005 18:02


Originally Posted by T_hairy_bootson
Damn I missed this, can some one upload magicWB registered for me please.


Will be in the Zone, after I upped it of course :great

T_hairy_bootson 22 March 2005 18:14

@AMIGAZ: I thank you and my Amiga thanks you. :great

Finally I can get rid of those annoying unregistered icons.

Akira 22 March 2005 18:34

Yor Amiga would be happier with nicer icons than those of MWB! ;D

T_hairy_bootson 22 March 2005 19:26

I'm running Workbench 2 with no accelerator card on an 1meg chip + 8meg fast/slow A2000:(
So this is the best I could get afaik. If you know of something better please tell me ;)

Akira 22 March 2005 19:53

Yes I do, but you will have to wait for me to finish it :)

When I had my A600 I did all my icons myself or reworked the system ones BY HAND into 2 colors. I have planned to release this 2.0 system EONS ago (thre's a thread in the EAB somewhere, with a screnshot) but I havent had tme to get into it.

So, someday, I will give you a nice setup for your 2.0 system ;)

Oh, here be the thread:

T_hairy_bootson 22 March 2005 20:24

Hey that looks pretty cool, I will keep an eye out for it. :great

AMIGAZ 22 March 2005 20:50


Originally Posted by T_hairy_bootson
@AMIGAZ: I thank you and my Amiga thanks you. :great

Finally I can get rid of those annoying unregistered icons.


And my A600 thanks whoever upped it the first time :great

Dj Dishcloth 08 April 2005 08:41

I just found out I can't register this prog either. I downloaded it a while ago and decided I liked them a lot. Time to register though but I can't, so I browsed and found this thread. Is there any chance someone could send me the regged version 2.1 pleez :)

Dj Dishcloth 08 April 2005 08:48

Doh! Ignore that last request, I just discovered "the zone" ;) Cool!

TurricaN 19 August 2005 16:02

DrBong, or someone else, can you resend me to The Zone again full version of MagicWB 2.1p, and too keyfile for registering it before installation? It disappeared from the zone due to short lifetime. And please set its lifetime at least for week.

qrayg 11 October 2005 16:03

Can someone re-upload this file to The Zone!? I used to have MWB registered but I lost my disk in a home accident. I talked to the MUI author and he sent me my Reg Key but the MWB author will not reply to my emails or offers to pay for another registration.

Thank you.

Dj Dishcloth 13 October 2005 11:43

In the Zone

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