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BippyM 21 January 2020 08:18

Non gaming / Amiga hobbies
Fellow Amigans,

What else do yo do for hobbies? Let's avoid anything gaming, retro, digital related..

I've just started back in the gym, and i do a bit of yoga to stretch my ageing tendons, ligaments and muscles... Losing flexibility is the biggest hurt.

Gym wise i have set my own routines up using an app, and i am. Building my running to 5k distance.

I enjoy fishing, but not when the weather is less than 20c hahaha i am nesh. Other than that films and decent TV shows. I have over 1000 films on my imdb watch list, and i am often adding forgotten films when i get a reminder. The films are interesting in my new girlfriend has seen like 8 films, so we're going back over my classics..

What you lot got?

chip 21 January 2020 09:21

I have no time for other hobbies actually

It's since 3 years i spend my time with Amiga and no else

This is mainly due to my project ADA, it needs time to be done :o

So, i'm always busy in scanning Amiga stuff to search for releases to put in the archive

That's all i do, except for walking sometimes to make breaks from computer :agree

Daedalus 21 January 2020 09:50

Photography was a big thing, as was looking after my car, travelling, going to gigs, cycling and playing 5-a-side, but sadly very little time/energy for all these things in recent years due to an expanding family.

gimbal 21 January 2020 11:26

I don't make it a secret that I like cooking so I spend quite some time working out new stuff to cook and eat. I've been exploring Indian cuisine and I'm kind of dipping into Korean stuff although it's hard to scrounge up the rather unique ingredients needed in my corner of the globe.

For sports I jog, nothing too heavy. Just to loosen the muscles, keep the ticker ticking and get some fresh air. I'm kind of a good weather jogger though, when it's cold or wet outside I'm not motivated.

And yeah, movies. I kind of like those.

I need an extra hobby that does not involve computers, but so far I haven't really run into anything that holds my interest.

Fissuras 22 January 2020 13:07

Windsurfing and Tennis are my cup of tea

Anubis 23 January 2020 13:08

Chess (used to go to coffee shop and play live games, now mostly online)
Playing Accordion / Keyboard / Piano (very rare now)
Reading (almost at full stop, reading only if 'have to', did try listening to books)
Movies & TV Series (doh)
Fixing / Making stuff - did remodel our old house while we were living there - sold it for double we paid for it
Gym - working on getting back in shape
Politics - following what's going in world and here, in states
History and educational videos - probably because I grow up with them (thus nickname on forum :))

SquawkBox 23 January 2020 20:55

I am trying to become increasingly familiar with the country of origin of my parents (Tunisia), the culture, the so-so movies filled with overwrought drama, the fascinating Roman ruins, the Punic wars, not an easy task considering how many of my relatives have chosen to distance themselves from their native land, in favor of their homeland of heart. Other than that, watching horror / spooky / suspenseful / B-grade movies, listening to heavy metal, rock anthems among other genres, spending a few quids on French restaurants bills once in a while, nothing too fancy 25-30€ per head at most (bistrot's, cuisine du sud-ouest...). Do not hesitate to let me know should you step by, I am in almost complete lack of companions to talk about retro games in person, let alone play them.

BullyDog 24 January 2020 02:10

Because of my age and disabilities, outdoor activities are a thing of the past. As much as I wanted to keep playing guitar it's also a thing of the past.

So what I do? Well, I build things, go to the range and shoot but my PC is my best friend. I spend a lot of time on it. beside playing games and doing puzzles I come to lots of forums like here and talk to y'all. I don't like Facebook or any other social medias.

I do/did a lot of exploring the world wide net and go to sites for education. Always learning something.

I also sleep a lot. Nothing I can do about it. When you get old you get old. :shocked

Anubis 24 January 2020 05:35

While playing an MMORPG, in the same group were couple of teammates that were around your age. (One from California, other from Canada) and it was always fun to do group dungeons with them. (quite few wipes followed by juicy swearing :) )

If you wonder, game is Runes of Magic, Free 2 Play (free just by name) and most of fun I actually had on private server where everything was tweaked and even made harder, because everyone was way over-geared.

Now that I am writing this, I should probably install it and check on everyone. It is about year and half since I uninstalled it.

gimbal 24 January 2020 09:48

Let the record show: for once it was not me that derailed the thread.

What am I talking about?


Let's avoid anything gaming, retro, digital related..
Pwamp pwamp pwamp pwaaaaaaamp.

LeCoq 25 January 2020 22:36

Old cars, mountain biking and collecting music (on vinyl and cd). I used to own a few classic American cars and before that, old Opels. I got back into the Opel world a few years ago and built myself a Manta B, pretty much from the ground up. Now I got an Ascona A project in the works, and the Amiga hobby is a nice distraction from all the welding. As for mountain biking, I've gotten into the electric bandwagon lately and couldn't be happier!


Unkown 10 February 2020 14:15

I used to use a canon 700d for taking pictures, i also create art, but sometimes its not exactly nice just depending on my mood, make some images for a music site some years ago will provide a link to my images , let me know what you think, any you like feel free to download them and if any have a watermark on them let me know and i will provide you one with out a watermark.. :)

Link: https://www.deviantart.com/devlin2011/gallery/






You will have to scroll down to see the images / pictures i have made or even edited.


Unkown 10 February 2020 14:16

Edit: removed bad image tags

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