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th4t1guy 03 January 2020 05:33

NTSC disk images
Haven't seen much discussion around this, but is there an archive or categorization of NTSC disk images? I'm putting a gotek in my a500, but to keep things simple I'd like to just deal with NTSC.
I've used the EAB file server search and there were a few hits (mostly NTSC fixed games), but it's pretty thin.
I have a bunch of NTSC original disks, but no idea what state they are in or if the disk drive in the a500 can read them, but cracked copies would be preferred since having to juggle codewheels is a pain.

TjLaZer 03 January 2020 07:58

Not really, but you can just look for games from 1985 to 1987, a lot of them were from the US an NTSC. Then a lot of games shifted to PAL as the Amiga was more popular at that point. You can also sort a collection from TOSEC or other where it lists the company and look for games from the big USA software houses, Epyx, Activision, EA, etc.

th4t1guy 03 January 2020 16:54

Thanks, that does help me a bit, but it seems like a lot of trial and error. I'll at least run through the titles I had as a kid to see if I can recreate that.
I don't suppose anyone has created a list of working games?
Also, it would be nice if there was a single place like a file server folder or archive that could group all these images together (I can't be the only person looking for NTSC games :D ).
I'm not as familiar with goals around the file server, but is there any guidance on what could be done that would align well with that?

Misclegend 03 January 2020 21:10

NTSC games only exists in the first years of Amiga ie 1985 to 1990 aprox
after that, most of the games are PAL only
and some of them crash if you don't have a PAL compatible Amiga ie Turrican 3 never worked on the A500 NTSC

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