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Stom 20 April 2003 02:00

Utilise the Windows Keyboard correctly?
Hiya everyone!

(Just registered here properly finally so hello officially!)

Anyway, I have been wondering if it is possible to make use of the Windows keyboard more effectively within WinUAE? At the moment pressing some keys gives the corect sysmbol out if I was to use it on a Windows system, where as on the Amiga it gives me the wrong key back (eg. pressing the hash key should give me a hash, but it doesnt, I have to press the key next to it).

Are there any keymaps available for 105 (umm.. I think) key GB keyboards? I have had a quick scan on aminet and also had a search through the forum here and didnt come up with anything specific to what I need! :-/

Oh.. finally, I know I can use bsdsocket emulation (I have been so far). Is there anything stopping me using MiamiDX and using the ethernet connection to conect to my real amiga (its the gateway to the net?). How do I stand on drivers for the ethernet card in the PC via the emulated amiga? (I guess thats where I fall over?)

Cheers for any advice, :)
Sam Thomas
Amiga Medaitor Support Site

Twistin'Ghost 20 April 2003 05:48

Hiya, Storm. I don't have the answers to your queries about WinUAE and keyboard mapping, but I'm sure Toni will be along with all the right answers. Just wanted to welcome you to EAB. (nice GLQuake pics on your site...)

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