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dreamkatcha 16 November 2018 11:36

Red Heat – the movie and Ocean’s gaming adaptations (video retrospective)
It’s landed, the Heat is on etc. etc.

I had a nightmare getting this one past the copyright police so that explains all the weird video filters. If I was starting again from scratch I think I’d avoid the movie/audio clips altogether and stick to stills. Lionsgate are so picky about clip length even if you’re abridging longer sequences with transitions. It still seems to count as a continuous segment and raises the flag. Google have been notifying me of one copyright claim per upload too so you have to go through the whole tweak/re-upload process ten times before it’s accepted. Wow, that's fun.


gimbal 16 November 2018 13:58

Aw. I'm not even clicking play on the video, the still of Arnie and Danny hugging is just so wholesome.

dreamkatcha 16 November 2018 19:55

LOL. You'll have to save it for your desktop wallpaper. Not a lot of people know that Danny Devito is in Red Heat. ;)

jotd 16 November 2018 21:07

I just love this movie. I use to love all Arnie movies from the 80 and early 90s (yeah, Twins too). Then it's a different story... even if some efforts of late are enjoyable.

And the game adaptations always SUCKED!

dreamkatcha 18 November 2018 19:29

Me too on the whole (I actually enjoyed Jingle All the Way!), although this one was way down the re-watch soon list. Even so, it does have some quirky meme-moments that are worth checking out... for anyone not familiar with the cocainum scene for instance. I think cocaine in Russian is pronounced closer to the English way, and is spelt the same, so it makes it all the more wacky. One example of making it up as you go along I expect. :D

If someone has put together a YouTube video featuring all the best lines I'd recommend watching that instead of the whole film. The parakeet bit always cracks me up... and the scene in the restaurant where Arnie declares his tea-drinking preferences. Drawing out his effeminate side works pretty well held up next to his hard as nails law enforcement persona. More laughs and less violence would have made it more enjoyable IMHO.

I wonder if subtitles were included by default at the cinema (I didn't watch it until years later). All the pseudo-Russian dialogue would be very annoying without them. Either way you don't expect to have to read an action blockbuster.

jotd 18 November 2018 20:33

I didn't see "Jingle All the Way!". Must be the only Arnie movie I didn't see and don't have MP4 or DVD (maybe the other one is the follow up of the one where he is pregnant). The other one is "The Villain" (1979, starring Kirk Douglas). I couldn't stand that for more than 5 minutes.

All 3 probably perfectly forgettable movies you can live without.

gimbal 19 November 2018 10:52


Originally Posted by jotd (Post 1285420)
And the game adaptations always SUCKED!

Total Recall was okay-ish I guess.

I am glad to have grown up with Arnold, there are only a few movies that I don't really enjoy and there are several movies that I can rewatch forever. There are not many actors that actually are the reason for a movie to be rewatchable, its a rare trait.

jotd 19 November 2018 21:26

same here. I plan to watch most of them again many times. I sometimes do a "Arnold retrospective" where I watch all the classics.

Total Recall? I don't think Zeusdaz agrees :) http://eab.abime.net/showthread.php?t=75920

gimbal 20 November 2018 10:05

Woah nelly, I take it back. I was thinking of Rubicon actually. Which has nothing to do with Arnold of course.

dreamkatcha 20 November 2018 11:40

LOL. It was never going to win any awards, but given the Total Recall game’s disastrous development path I think it could have been much worse. It’s definitely not as bad as Ocean’s Terminator 2.

I love the stumpy/cartoony graphical style of Total Recall (I can see why you’d confuse it with Rubicon) and the theme tune is amongst the best on the Amiga IMO. It’s mostly let down by the awful controls which make it a chore to play.

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