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ZEUSDAZ 26 December 2017 00:20

Gauntlet II vs Ranarama - Which Is Best?
Hi everyone and welcome to the December 2017 edition of the "Which Is Best?" and the last of the 2nd series (started back in Dec' 2015).
Last month I placed the two Barbarian games by Palace software against each other asking which in your minds was the better game, a big turn out for this edition and I can now reveal Barbarian 1 stormed to victory over Barbarian II by 50 votes to 13, many felt the maze play on the sequel was too confusing and resulting in getting lost causing short longevity for love of the game,...even though I personally enjoy it and mastered it ;-D

To end the 2nd series I'm going to place two Gauntlet style games against each other, Gauntlet II vs Ranarama, which do you think is the better more enjoyable game?!, only your votes will determine that,...happy voting! :-D


Zeusdaz channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/ZEUSDAZ ,please feel free to pop by :great


NorthWay 26 December 2017 00:49

G2 - no contest. Not even funny. I adore the game mechanics of it, coming in 3rd only to Impossible Mission and Dropzone.

Foebane 26 December 2017 02:09

Gauntlet 2. No contest. I don't care about Bananarama or whatever the FUCK it's called. Please stop such stupid comparison videos.

EDIT: Oh, STFU, Drunk!Foebane!

rare_j 26 December 2017 02:16

Lets keep things in the spirit of christmas shall we old chap? :xmas

Nobby_UK 26 December 2017 05:36

Amiga vs Atari --- was that wise ?

Galahad/FLT 26 December 2017 07:42


Originally Posted by Foebane (Post 1207849)
Please stop such stupid comparison videos.

Dude, do you go out of your way to be an arse or is it a gift?

nobody 26 December 2017 08:39

I would say Ranarama. They are different games, Gauntlet is a shoot 'em up and Ranarama is an slow-paced adventure.

You can find a remake here

DamienD 26 December 2017 12:05


Originally Posted by Foebane (Post 1207849)
Gauntlet 2. No contest. I don't care about Bananarama or whatever the FUCK it's called. Please stop such stupid comparison videos.

Now, now Foebane; there's no need to be like that...

ZEUSDAZ is more than welcome to post these threads. If you don't like them then just ignore; simple!!!

Foebane 26 December 2017 12:39

Oh God, I did it again, posted whilst soused. :( I've been told about that before.

ZEUSDAZ, Galahad, DamienD, my apologies.

Dunny 27 December 2017 00:56

Ranarama, no contest. Loved it BITD, a strategy game where G2 was based on a coin-guzzling arcade whose sole raison d'etre was to bilk as much cash out of the player as possible using any means at its disposal. The Gauntlet games were the beginning of the decline of the arcades into pure money-making machines.

musojon74 29 December 2017 11:09

Ranarama any day of the week. That feeling when you finally cleared a level and it went grey. and then when you use the wrong lift and go way further down than intended - then you have to decide - do you feel lucky, or do you run back up to l2?

ZEUSDAZ 10 January 2018 23:10

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Just a week to go to get your votes in, it's quite close so far between these two games.

On another issue I'll be hosting a new Livestream on my channel this sunday at 6pm (GMT) where I'll be playing retro games and hosting another "name that retro game tune" game :-)

Feel free to pop by, all is welcome.


ZEUSDAZ 18 January 2018 23:59

Voting now closed.
Ranarama wins with 21 votes to Gauntlet II which received 17 votes, a bit of an upset to some voters but strange things can happen on the "which is best?" series :-D

New edition up, please check retrogaming general forum.

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