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Djay 26 February 2010 17:45

Back for good
last time i logged in it was April 2007

but that was just a short visit, to say goodbye to my friend the Green Amiga Alien

this time i am back for good

during my time away, i scrapped my PC gaming desktop (constant GFX card upgrades began to piss me off), using a laptop now and the consoles, Xbox360, PS3 and Wii.

what kickstarted my new revival was a Netbook, i decided to get one for emulation both to connect to living room TV and too use away on holiday, it worked out cheaper than buying the DSi XL and has way more potential

found the new WinUAE which works great and started loading up more and more Amiga games.... guess what... hooked again

it seems that the members of EAB have become much more organised, instead of just coming up with ideas actually seeing them through

anyway, just bought a new A1200, 4gb HD and EasyAdf committing myself back to the Amiga scene and of course EAB

DH 26 February 2010 17:59

Welcome back Djay, though I'd move this somewhere a little more appropriate and somewhere it will be viewed etc....

Djay 26 February 2010 18:01


Originally Posted by DemonHellraiser (Post 646272)
Welcome back Djay, though I'd move this somewhere a little more appropriate and somewhere it will be viewed etc....

yeah, i thought it was OT best place... but this Member Introductions place is new to me;)

Bloodwych 26 February 2010 18:15

Djay!!!!!! :D

Welcome back!!!!! Always nice to see an EAB old timer return. :great

DH 26 February 2010 18:22


Originally Posted by Djay (Post 646273)
yeah, i thought it was OT best place... but this Member Introductions place is new to me;)

Members introductions is a good place to start, even though you've been here before but as others, that have returned, have always posted here on their return, I thought it best to give you the best possible chance of getting noticed :)

See, you've already been noticed by Bloodwych :D

Bloodwych 26 February 2010 18:24


Originally Posted by DemonHellraiser (Post 646286)
See, you've already been noticed by Bloodwych :D

I sense these things, like Spiderman! :laughing

cosmicfrog 26 February 2010 19:58

hey up & ribbits

spose you be watchin the last breakpoint demo party this easter

Dastardly 26 February 2010 20:06

Yay! Djay is back!

Welcome back matey! :)

prowler 26 February 2010 21:56

Hi Djay, and welcome back! :)

Thanks for your comments about improvements you've noticed in EAB members' activities here. :great

Djay 26 February 2010 22:19

Bloodwych and Dastardly, i've missed you guys..

thanks Prowler, yeah things look even better than before....

kriz 27 February 2010 00:22

Welcome back man!

Graham Humphrey 27 February 2010 00:23

Welcome back. I am not familiar with your previous work ;) but welcome back anyway - have fun at NEW IMPROVED EAB :D

Djay 27 February 2010 00:50

it's great some old friends and lots of new faces... just goes to show... the Amiga will live forever

turrican3 27 February 2010 01:28

welcome back djay :great

killergorilla 27 February 2010 13:19

Welcome back :D

TCD 27 February 2010 16:53

If KG uses ':D', you must be the man ;)
Welcome back Djay :great

Djay 28 February 2010 00:19

seriously thanks guys... i was away from eab at about 2005 then came back to see the Green Amiga Alien had past away :( (2007)...

then came back a week ago

if you signed up here after i left let me give the skinny:

I was very active in the early 2000s, coding some stuff, sharing stuff with members, beta stuff for WinUAE collecting real Amiga stuff

plus have some awesome irc and some great threads to read and reply to...

going back further i was bought an A500 by my step-dad, he bought my brother an Amiga A500, i had a C64 with a bazillion games... he said if traded in my c64 he would pay the rest... but i got a poor price, so it didnt happen... back home, i said ho-humm, but get me AMOS (which i read up on at the shop), i can program games etc and teach my brother to be productive with his new computer...

my main goal of course was get myself sometime on his machine so i could play all the cool new games (it was the screen gems pack, sept '90)

but he said, sod it lets get you your own one, so back to shop traded in c64 got A500, a few games and of course AMOS

up until sept '95 i enjoyed the Amiga scene, with the demoscene, some fantastic games and some of my own creative work - it was the only computer i touched for 5 years ... everyday

forward to 2000 i found WinUAE and EAB

Eclipse 02 March 2010 04:43

♫ Whatever I said, whatevever I did, I didn't mean it. I just want you back for good,
Want you back, want you back for good..♫

I'll get my coat.

Djay 02 March 2010 20:15

♫Whenever I'm wrong just tell me the song and I'll sing it
You'll be right and understood♫

uhmm, can i share your cab.. lol

Dastardly 02 March 2010 20:33

You used to be cool man.

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