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Marcuz 21 August 2008 20:59

[Buglist] EoB 2 AGA
Download here the current version of the game

- v1.05 AGA Automap multilanguage on 22.12.2006

This thread is intended as a milestone for future bugfixing and betatesting, being the old threads pretty garbled and in parts obsolete.

Please note
Since the game has been repackaged to run from Workbench only, please report:
the exact configuration and OS you use to run it;
if the bug you spot appears in both the AGA and the ECS version;
which language of the translations are you using.

General notes for the game

-reports of some cache problem, be wary of this when playing on real amigas.
-the game require a SCALOS free environment to avoid some occurring graphic glitches and odd crashes.
-in Winuae only, if you notice graphic glitches without SCALOS, try to run the game with JIT disabled.
-in Winuae only, if you still spot graphic glitches running without SCALOS and JIT, try full collision level, cycle exact cpu and blitter, more compatible cpu emulation and match A500 speed.
this way the emulation is sluggish.
if you turn the collision level to sprites and sprites vs playfield, you get the error only once in a while and the emulation speed is acceptable.

Language note.
All the language versions of the game needs to be tested from native speakers.


  • - automap shadow are not correctly displayed on 68060


  • - sometimes the wall colors (black) in the map have beige lines, randomly. And sometimes not all blocks you've visited are connected: randomly there is a block that looks like it is disconnected with a clearer line on one side.
  • - access fault when you quit the game using WHD version.
  • - (OS3.9 with bb1+2 , A4000D with a mk2/060-60mhz accelerator, a picassoIV and an ariadne... no strange patches, no kickflash rom loaded (disabled) no poseidon or tcp stack running) - NON Whdload: Character generation screen sports only black background, pointer and portraits; game blocks.
  • - The Clerics on Temple ground floor that randomly appear when you use the Resurrection Altar (NOT the two by the Four Winds Engraving at the start) sometimes swap colour of clothes when they are hit.
  • - [ENGLISH VERSION ONLY?] Mezz 05, Mezz 06 (Automap) - You might want to alter these to Temple 05, Temple 06 (or, Darkmoon 05, Darkmoon 06).
  • - [ENGLISH VERSION ONLY?] Dung (on Automap) - You should probably alter this to Dungeon.
  • - [ENGLISH VERSION ONLY?] Jail (Automap) - You should probably alter this to Cell (also, this might affect EOB I).
  • - Silver 09 (Automap) - The Beholder is incorrectly placed. It appears at X30, Y00.
  • - You might want to mark the Altar of Darkmoon on Silver 09 map (X28, Y29).
  • - Mezz (10, 11, 12, 13) (Automap) should probably be Azure (or, Crystal).
  • - Dungeon level 1: X10, Y22 / X06, Y22 / X06, Y15 are not Jail/Cell, they should be marked as Barracks, or Guard Rooms.
  • - [ENGLISH VERSION ONLY?] The Frost Giant King's speech is shown in black text instead of white; this is also true of the Giant turning into a tree in the Crimson Tower.
  • - [ENGLISH VERSION ONLY?] Dying Cleric: The screen behind the text is all in black, not like other dialogues.
  • - [JIT - SCALOS etc?] The Frost Giants gfx are messed up (see attached screengrab).
  • - If I turn on the Automap cheat, then load a saved game, the cheat is still activated; I think it should be turned off.
  • - WHDLOAD only: graphics look scanlined or dull on real amiga, crashes reported; please refer to this thread, post 5 to 9
  • - the loading game feature is broken; the game asks for "disk 1".

Missing features AGA/ECS

  • - Make the pointer turnable, in the map; maybe using the little keypad in the right side of the keyboard instead of the 4 arrow keys.

hexaae 31 August 2008 18:39

Hope CFou! will complete the project one day...

CFOU! 05 September 2008 13:11


Originally Posted by hexaae (Post 453497)
Hope CFou! will complete the project one day...

perhaps soon, I re-try slowly

hexaae 06 September 2008 00:16

I have a pair of bugs to report yet, eh eh eh ;)

hexaae 23 September 2018 08:25

Sources released in The Zone by cfou!
Now looking for brave coders to fix the few whdload installer bugs left....

Seiya 15 March 2019 13:55

it it available this game in adf format? is it also installable on harddisk?

Solo Kazuki 15 March 2019 18:05

It's only HD version, no ADF version is present (AFAIK)

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