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Godflesh 24 October 2001 22:51

...people messing with my site (again)...
Somebody reset my sitecounter to zero...

thanks for that very cool action!

screw things up that belongs to somebody else and then go hide...

thanks again mr. Anonymous!

LaundroMat 24 October 2001 22:57

Just curious...
Are you posting this message on all forums, or do you have a specific reason to think the offender is hiding here?

Godflesh 24 October 2001 23:18

this forum seems to be the most active, so that's why I posted it here (and on my own forum).

If the person responsible is a active UAE user then I am sure he knows of this forum.

Fred the Fop 24 October 2001 23:20

Reasonable enough.

Ian 24 October 2001 23:26

I'm pretty sure it was no-one here, but if it was, shame on them.

RetroMan 25 October 2001 00:26


Originally posted by Ian
I'm pretty sure it was no-one here, but if it was, shame on them.
I agree, donĀ“t think someone from here ..... but who knows, maybe he/she/it is only reading postings here and not writing ....

RCK 25 October 2001 00:29

Re: ...people messing with my site (again)...

Originally posted by Godflesh
Somebody reset my sitecounter to zero...
You are using a Webtraker counter no ?
How could it be possible to reset it without your personnal loggin information ? :confused

Amigaboy 25 October 2001 05:16

Why would someone do this anyway?

I think that's pretty lame.

Kodoichi 25 October 2001 11:02

Maybe Webtracker has an option to start at a special number again (1000, 10000 etc.).

Godflesh, I checked your site and it shows 25306 visitors? (Edit: Oh, on the counterpage it says 307)

Also, I realized you are using the URL to the counter which is actually thought only for YOU. Even the password is shown in the URL =|

RetroMan 25 October 2001 11:07


Akira 25 October 2001 18:27

He surely used his name as a password :D I remember when they deleted his guestbook and relocated his redirect address to another page... the dude said Godflesh used his nick as password :P

Kodoichi 25 October 2001 21:43

Just put the pointer over the webtracker thingy and have a look at the status bar. It states clearly password=godflesh or so.

Akira 25 October 2001 22:35

I didnt read your previus post, samurai. Seem he's doing the same thing as before, only a notch worse... some people never learn :P it's obvious that you get hacked man . i wouldn't be surprised if the admin password of your FTPs is GODFLESH too :P

megalomania sucks.

I agree with amigaboy too, what's the point of resetting the counter? OH YEAH man, you hurt me big time! not :P

Godflesh 25 October 2001 23:47

Yes I know it shows the password, but that doesn't make it right to mess with it.

the security lacks a "little" of the webtracker.

the password of the guestbook can be rerieved by submitting ANY emailadress and then the full login will be emailed to the email that was submitted.

...again a very bad case of password security

the passwords go way back when I started AEN and was new to webdesigning etc...so I kept it simple. I know I should have made it more difficult but it's something I did oversee and didn't think of again (?)

What has my name as a password to do with megalomania? I used it because it's easy to remember...that's all. If I was a megalomaniac..I would have called my site GODFLESH NATION.
There's nothing behind it like you like to think....

"the dude said Godflesh used his nick as password " You knew the guy who did this crap and didn't even care to notify me?
...nice going Akira...

I used another counter before I used webtracker and I added those visits (2500?) to the new tracker (webtracker)...that explains the difference...

(look up the meening of the words "facts" and "fiction" Akira)

p.s. sorry for all the replies
//admin: corrected

Fred the Fop 26 October 2001 00:56

awww..Poor bitch;)

birdy-scc 26 October 2001 01:17

I'm sorry to hear that you have been the victim of a form of terrorism (sic). The free world supports any action you take to track down and expose this cave-dwelling scum!

But you shouldn't have left the keys to your house under the front-door mat all the same...;)

Akira 26 October 2001 19:46

Re: ..

Originally posted by Godflesh
"the dude said Godflesh used his nick as password " You knew the guy who did this crap and didn't even care to notify me?
...nice going Akira...

This is my last post here. NO I DIDN'T KNOW HIM, he posted a message in your board or something. I remember reading it when I frequented your board (eech :))

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