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liquidsmoke 10 October 2019 10:21

How usable are internal Goteck drives?
im thinking of getting one but from a few pictures ive seen the buttons and display look like theyre basically still inside the case.

just easy is it to press those buttons and see the lcd/oled screen?

i dont want to do any case mods of my a1200. havent got the tools nor skill tbh.

Jope 10 October 2019 10:43

They are not very usable for more than casual use. How about doing the OSD modification, then you don't have to peek around to see the display.

solarmon 10 October 2019 11:30

You can get 3D printed enclosures to put the OLED displays on top of the A1200, and some extend the buttons and rotary encoder to. Just search Thingiverse or eBay.

Or, I found a way to mount the OLED screen directly on top of the A1200, and added a Blackberry Trackball instead of a rotary encoder:


The Gotek is mounted inside the A1200 as per https://www.ikod.se/amiga-1200-gotek/ so that the internal floppy drive is still useable (and DF0 is switched between them with a switch).

Gordon 10 October 2019 12:06

I got this one.

This is a straight swap for your floppy drive, everthing included. Buttons are accessable and you can see the screen, just need to put your head round to see it.

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