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Anubis 16 April 2019 20:48

Elite Dangerous
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After playing it a bit 3 years ago, where I left with about 10 mil funds and 3 ships, I restarted playing it again.

At first it took a bit to get used back to controls and setup Voice Attack, ED Discovery (still didn't setup ED Engineering, will do that probably next week) and just after a week of playing managed to make about 100 mil per session doing core mining.

Got few more ships for different purposes, like taxi and resource search, but still did not get any of big ships.

Game changed quite a bit and it is much better then when I played it last time, and they will have new changes in about a week, that should help even more new players.

I really enjoy visuals and details in this game.:great

jmmijo 17 April 2019 01:21

Thanks for the feedback, I've not touched it since I first purchased it so MAY look into it again.

Anubis 17 April 2019 16:47

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No problem, let me know how you like it.

Just bit over 2 hours yesterday and got biggest single payout in ED - 157 mil.

Just that single payload was enough to get Python and equip it for mining. Will probably take 2-3 more of there to get Elite status in trading. New ship has better maneuverability, but shorter jump range (takes longer to get where you going), but most importantly, twice storage and with fuel scoop you can get anywhere you like to go.

For this weekend planning to get upgrade for FDE (improves jump range).

I am amazed at online resources for this game. :crazy ED Discover can sand data to couple of sites where it syncs price, data about stars and your info including ships and route - so you can plan upgrade on site and can give you closest place where to get those components, or in case of mining, where to sell for best price. 2 extra jumps make difference of 20-30 mil per load.







Picture of White Dwarf star - don't fly close to it, as components get effected by its radiation. Also, new Python.

Anubis 17 April 2019 17:50

Voice attack (only 10 bucks if you already don't have it) - great software that you can use for more then Elite Dangerous. It is a must, and make whole game more fun.

As for voice packs, I use free KICS, they sell some good ones, including one done by William Shatner.


Also, here is video I followed once I restarted game.


There are couple youtubers who explain every little thing regarding game into details.

Hedeon 18 April 2019 11:13

You almost made me play it again. Sadly, the launcher insist to downloading the update to C (the game is installed on H) so that design flaw pissed me off so much (including a 404 error in the launcher screen) that I shelved it again.


Dunny 18 April 2019 12:29

The biggest thing in terms of enjoyment and QoL that I bought for E:D was the Oculus Rift. Good god, that game has been well-written for VR. It's stunning.

Anubis 18 April 2019 14:11

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I can just imagine....

Only extra thing I got for ED - Saitek X52 HOTAS. While you can somewhat play game with gamepad, mouse is a big no. HOTAS controller on the other hand makes game much more enjoyable.

@Hedeon - sorry to hear that. I heard some folks had issue with starting game since they made changes to game launcher in preparation for next update in week.

Biggest change in next update that will effect all players -ships will have landing and taking off computer - not sure if all of them will have it, but smaller definitely will. Also small ships will get 2 small internals, while large ships will get only 1.

2 more screenshots - my favorite light fighter - Viper Mk3, setup just for bounty hunting in extraction sites, and made it before weekend - first Elite rank - in trading. (thanks to mining :)) :great

ps. Check ship name :D

gimbal 18 April 2019 19:52

You make it sound so appealing, having to buy all these extras to play a game :)

Dunny 18 April 2019 20:06

I play on keys, no mouse - using WASDRF for thrusters and cursors for yaw/roll. It's a little awkward in the Rift, but you soon get used to it. Being sat inside the ship - simply being there, seeing in person just how bloody HUGE everything is.

Mind blowing. Also, combat is more fun with being able to track enemy ships by eye rather than chasing them with your ship controls makes it much more immersive.

Anubis 18 April 2019 20:34


Originally Posted by gimbal (Post 1317116)
You make it sound so appealing, having to buy all these extras to play a game :)


Don't tell me you don't have better HOTAS. Not required, but it plays much better that way. ;)

Come on, this has to get you wondering what is there to be seen...


Wonder if any of planets looks like boing ball. 400 billion stars, each can have multiple planets and those can have multiple satellites, orbital stations...etc.

As for Oculus Rift - I would need better PC to run RIFT with it. Here is Obsidian Ant reviewing it, and it is really interesting.


Also Rift + Voice Attack:


BTW, game is on sale - 10.49 for game itself, 20.99 for Commander pack (Includes Horizon Season Pack - which allows you to land on non-atmospheric planets. It also includes couple of skins for Sidewinder and Viper iirc.

Daedalus 19 April 2019 00:27

I haven't played it in a little while (not for any Elite-related reason, haven't played much of any game due to a lack of free time), but every time I read about it I wanna get stuck in again! It's certainly much, much easier to make money nowadays, so you get a lot more people in the bigger ships. So tempted to whip out the HOTAS again now! Pretty sure I had around 100 million in assets and a few modestly engineered ships when I parked up about 2 years ago...

If anyone's thinking of buying it now, don't bother with just the base game as you'll be wanting the Horizons content before very long at all!

Anubis 19 April 2019 13:50


Originally Posted by Daedalus (Post 1317175)
I haven't played it in a little while (not for any Elite-related reason, haven't played much of any game due to a lack of free time), but every time I read about it I wanna get stuck in again! It's certainly much, much easier to make money nowadays, so you get a lot more people in the bigger ships.

That would be about right assessment. I just broke first billion after full load of opal (~312mil + 10 mil in refinery) and now will work on couple of things - federation/empire rank and engineering main ship. Once done, will probably go to unlock guardian technology and last thing would be a long expedition in fully customized ship that can make ~70ly jumps.

In overall, game is still grind, but more interesting kind. Core mining is much more involving and watching asteroid explode never gets old. :cheese

Anubis 20 April 2019 10:05

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As planed, left mining in search of Founder's World - and it was true, one station has all ships, all modules at discount price. :)

Setup another exploration ship in order to unlock first of Engineers, 1/3 of the way and collected over 21 mil in surface map data in over 2-3 hour of gameplay.

Here is new exploration ship - Diamond Explorer. (first exploration already payed for ship :))

Anubis 02 May 2019 20:09

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Just little update. Was working on Engineers, got 7 of them unlocked, working on 2 more for little experimental fighter (Vulture). At the moment 1500 ly outside of bubble collecting raw materials (highest grade) - should be done by tomorrow and will have to go and find James crash site to mine data required for upgrades I like to do.

At the moment my exploration ship can make ~50 ly jumps and I got one of bigger ships for Painite mining, which is mining with lasers (unlike opal), but it appears to pay better. First trip did not have enough time to fill cargo full, but still made over 300 mil.

Still amazed at some of great visuals. Last night went by flaming star cluster, and mining on moons around gas giant... this game is eyecandy for everyone who likes cosmos and space.

gimbal 03 May 2019 16:07

I am so tempted to get this game just to be a space pirate and steal all your ore.

Anubis 06 May 2019 14:57

You can be space pirate and just make credits pirating...


But no, will not get any of my ore! :p

My precious, they want to steal it...

Just setting charges on asteroid and watching it explode, with good headset - very enjoyable...


From time you place first charge you have 120 seconds... which can be tricky with fast spinning asteroid...

Last night I was rescuing people from burning station. That was fun rush... also helps rise federal rank. :)


Best part of the game is that you can do anything you want... (or die trying :lol)

Ian 11 May 2019 15:39

I like the idea of Elite, now it's cheap enough, but the thought of the grind is really putting me off.

Don't think I can be arsed to go to work, then come home and work in a game too.

Try and convince me, A New Butt.

Leffmann 11 May 2019 16:38

I'm curious to know how it compares to EVE Online.

Daedalus 11 May 2019 21:05

So many people talk about the grind, but really, it's only a grind if you make it a grind. If you do things that you enjoy doing, money and rank will eventually come your way as a side effect. It's very like Frontier in that way - if you enjoyed Frontier, you'll enjoy Elite: Dangerous. If you thought Frontier was boring (and there are those who do), then Elite won't be much better. It is easier than Frontier to make money and rank, and easier than it has ever been in Elite: Dangerous' history to make money and rank too. Don't fall into the trap of aiming for nothing but the biggest ship or highest rank, because that's a sure fire way to lose interest. I've got somewhere around 1000 hours on the clock in Elite, yet I don't have any of the massive ships. All my ships are smaller ships that are fun to fly and didn't cost billions to build.

As for Elite compared to Eve, I've always liked this comparison ;)


Leffmann 13 May 2019 11:47

Yeah I guess EVE and ED are very much the same in that regard. If the entire focus is some very distant end, like the highest rank or biggest ship like you say, then you'll inevitably begin treating the game as a job and burn out.

And that picture comparison seems about right :)

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