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Stl75 06 February 2019 20:04

Reversed Icons...
Hello to all...

Copyed files DOpus 5 in .hdf...
Copy from end to first...
And in WB boxes -
softed from end to first...

Soft - to stay normal,
but shapshot - all -
not saving...

How reversed and save

icons by normal...

malko 06 February 2019 20:52

Excuse me but it's difficult to understand your question.
You should try deepl.com to translate from RU to UK :)

Stl75 06 February 2019 21:21

Copy the files to the Opus 5. Copied the program in the opposite order from the end to the beginning as a result at me in the menu where soft folders with letters normally. And inside the folder - names instead of I and. How to do sorting the file in order and save the changes.

In WB folder Games -
with letters A-Z...

In Folder A -
now sorting Az-Aa...

I want normal sorting -

AMIGASYSTEM 06 February 2019 22:11

Opus Magellan has a different way of arranging file names and I don't think you can change that, at least I think.

malko 06 February 2019 22:54

I've never used Opus 5, but the manual mentions how to sort

AMIGASYSTEM 06 February 2019 23:53


Originally Posted by malko (Post 1302958)
I've never used Opus 5,

Malko Ever tried Amikit? you can see the differences on the two scrennshots (Dopus5 Vs Workbench) ;)

malko 07 February 2019 00:20


Originally Posted by AMIGASYSTEM (Post 1302970)
Malko Ever tried Amikit? you can see the differences on the two scrennshots (Dopus5 Vs Workbench) ;)

Do I have to understand that it's a different DOpus than the one linked ? If yes, oups :p .

On your both screenshots, the files are sorted in alphabetical order. Green one (Dopus5) in column, Blue one (Workbench) in row.
Is it the answer to @Stl75 ?

To answer your question, Amikit (& AmiPup) :
- Booted, yes (to have a look), Amikit in 2014, AmiPup in 2016 .
- Tried, no (no special reasons indeed).

AMIGASYSTEM 07 February 2019 01:45

AmiPup is not an Amiga OS, Linux I never liked

I think @Stl75 would like to set Dopus5 as Workbench (Blue one)

Amikit is no different from my AfA-OS, the only difference is the Workbench managed by Dopus5, Amikit8 and AmikitX are OS 3.9 BB4 with AfA-OS extension.

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