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elowan 22 January 2013 10:46

Project: Amiga OS3.9 to OS 4.x makeover
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Hello EAB,

today i want to start with a little project. The goal is, to make OS3.9 look like 4.x as much as possible. I´ve read and googled a bit and came across some programs, that might help to archive this goal.

I am not that into amiga Workbench, so I would like to ask some of you experienced users for a hand.


I´ve managed to install Amiga OS3.9+BB1+BB2 in fs-uae an environment with a little help.
I made a backup copy of the .hdf file and now, I want to take it as far to (most optically) OS4.x (4.1 would be preferred) , as possible.

Can one give advice, which program(s) I will need to install?

update 3

BoingBag3 - installed
AfAOS v4.7 - installed
Magic Menu - installed
AmigaOS 4.1 wallpaper - installed
Masonsicons 50% installed
WarpPNG - installed
Outlinefont - installed
WBStartup++ - installed
MUI 3.8 - installed
OS 4.1 like fonts - installed
AISS - installed

things to try / setup:

BoingBag4 (needed?)
Mac Like Dock or making AmiDock transparent somehow...

If i can get it as far as on the screenshot, i´ll be happy ;)

edit: it´s getting closer :D

Thanks for helping me out!


NovaCoder 22 January 2013 10:54

Install AmiKit, that should give you a few ideas.

fitzsteve 22 January 2013 10:58


I see you borrowed one of my screen shots there ;)

It's much easier now to use OS4 style Icons, you don't need to install AfA_OS anymore.

The Icons shown in my shot are Kens Icons V3

Have a read of this thread:


PeterK's Icon library will let you use OS4 style Icons :)

I made a start with a couple of setups but didn't get them finished yet, you can already see great results using PeterK's Icon library:

OS4.1 Style (Masons Icons)


(Power Icons)


It's really fast too :cool


(Using Kens Icons V3) It's also Classic Workbench OS3.9 with BB 1&2 :great

elowan 22 January 2013 11:01

I´ve tested AmiKit and it was a bit too much "bling-bling" to me. I can´t tell, what program is what and changes the ui, etc. So i want to build it from scratch, on top of OS 3.9

I´d like to have it a bit "cleaner", like OS 4.1. But i got no ppc (at least not a ppc, it would run on) - so the only option for me, is to pimp 3.9 a bit.

I also like AROS, but that´s not "Amiga brand".. ;)

elowan 22 January 2013 11:04


Originally Posted by fitzsteve (Post 863235)

I see you borrowed one of my screen shots there ;)

Hey, didn´t know you have an account here, also ! Sorry for "borrowing" your screenshot - but i was impressed, what you have archived.

May you like to comment on my list, if it´s all i need for the "conversion"?

You refer to install "Update to icon.library 46.4.271" for the 4.1 and Kens icons?

Or do i just need to install ClassicWB39 and with that, i´ve got all the needed programs and latest versions?

fitzsteve 22 January 2013 11:15


You are more than welcome to use my screen shot, anything I upload is for the community to enjoy :great

And yes, that is correct - all you need to enjoy OS4 style Icons is PeterK's new Icon library.

Please read carefully his documentation for the install, there are some other required libraries IIRC and also you need to install his modified 'Powericons' into C: You also need to have that run from your startup-sequence, he explains this to me is the tread I linked so a good read through that thread will help you for sure.

Good luck with your workbench conversions, you can loose a lot of time working on them as you have to copy 1 Icon at a time :scream

I use a tool called 'CopyIcon' which I have put on the Zone for you.


elowan 22 January 2013 11:20

Wow, great! thank you Steve.

Ok, the icon-conversion seems to get up from the ground...

Now, what about changing the "window-border-theme"?
Is "Amiga Theme Experience" the only thing to install? (see link above)

What about the transparent context-menu? Is this archived with "Magic Menu", onyl?

fitzsteve 22 January 2013 11:28

I have to confess the workbench you linked wasn't created by me, but modified to run on my A1200 with Mediator PCI/Voodoo 3 (Picasso96).

Actually it was first setup by another user to run with CGX4 and BVision, he did indeed use AfA_OS to for some of these extra customisations like the transparent context-menu but I can't tell you what is needed to achieve that now. I'm using Classic Workbench 3.9 with Peterk's hlibrary for my own installs.

As has been said by NovaCoder if you have a good look at Amikit this will give you an idea of what customisations you can add.

Most tools, etc can be downloaded from Aminet.

For Icon packs check OS4 Depot:


All the best,


Bamiga2002 22 January 2013 11:51

This might help:

fitzsteve 22 January 2013 11:52

Hi Again!

This thread might help you too:



elowan 22 January 2013 12:28

1 Attachment(s)
Ok, that´s a good base to start reading and trying from.

thank you very much for your afford, everybody!

But there is one more thing ;)

I´d like to use a calendar like the one if have attached.
Is this for OS 3.9 and if so - how is it called?

DDNI 22 January 2013 13:18

That is limpid clock by Thomas Rapp.


elowan 22 January 2013 13:32

Damm! I visited his Site many Times... But without realizing ...

Ok - i´ve got enough stuff for now and will start working on this conversion soon.

fishyfish 22 January 2013 18:02

A few things that might be worth mentioning
AFA_OS: If youre using emulation (ie. fast "68k amiga") I'd consider using this as it replaces the need for birdie, visual prefs, icon.library, not to mention it's a little more flexible than those 3 combined and allows a person to use Zune (which is more attractive), concurrently with MUI.
End results for both routes arent drastically different, but if youre looking for maximum eye candy potential AFA_OS is, in my opinion, a better option.

As for transparent menus, this is done with magic menu still, but needs higher than 8bit color, so youll need an rtg (gfx card) system.

elowan 22 January 2013 20:32

So, i can install AFA_OS into OS 3.9 instead of Birdie, visualprefs, iconlib?

What else must be installed to make AFA_OS work? Zune? Mui? Gui?
Sorry for being such a noob in this matter ;)

elowan 22 January 2013 22:28

So i installed Afa OS v4.5 on my 3.9 system..

When i click the Afa Prefs "No AFA OS running" shows up.

Is AfA OS another independent system?! Another OS?!

I´m a bit confused with that... :shocked

Bamiga2002 22 January 2013 22:55

AfA_OS 4.7 is the latest version:

fitzsteve 22 January 2013 23:25

Did you add 'morelibspace' and 'afa_os_loader' commands to your startup-sequence? (like detailed in the guide)

I just installed under WinUAE with Classic Workbench and it's working great :)

Of course I need to adjust all the setings now but I'm already seeing the 32bit Icons...

elowan 22 January 2013 23:25

Ok, so i installed 4.7 - but still get the same result, when going to Prefs and try to start the AFA Prefs....

elowan 22 January 2013 23:26


Originally Posted by fitzsteve (Post 863357)
Did you add 'morelibspace' and 'afa_os_loader' commands to your startup-sequence? (like detailed in the guide)

I just installed under WinUAE with Classic Workbench and it's working great :)

Of course I need to adjust all the setings now but I'm seeing the 32bit Icons...

arrgs, the startup-sequence... how was the exact text? Ah, i see ;)

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