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Shatterhand 20 March 2002 08:29

Winuae 0.8.21 r2 speed issues
Like most guys, I was using Winuae 0.8.8 r9 for a long time, considering every new release of Winuae was slower and slower in my PC.

After hearing some good stuff about the new Winuae 0.8.21 r9 , I just downloaded...

I am gobsmacked by the new array of options, the sound is much better, and it doesn't seem to slowdown the emulation THAT much, and the emulator also deals with screen much better than before. And it's even a bit faster than the other versions..

But.. it's still rather slow, but I bet it has something to do with the fact I can't configure it properly. I also admit I only tested a few games, some work at a pretty decent speed (Ruff 'n' Tumble for example), other are just a bit slow (Battle Squadron) , and some are terribly slow (Jim Power).

If you guys could give me some tips to speed up the emulator (Even the most obvious tips, as I am completely stupid anyway :) ) , I would be really thankfull.

jmmijo 20 March 2002 09:12

Shatterhand, you do mean r2 not r9 don't you ;)

I just checked WinUAE thinking there were a few releases I had missed :laughing

EDIT: As for the speed I'll try out some games and see what happens on my system.

EDIT Part Deux :) they do seem a little stuttery, I think if I tweak the config some it will run faster or if I play these on my faster machine then it will run faster as well ;)

Shatterhand 20 March 2002 13:32

Yeah, R2 , not R9 ... :)

Yeah, I also agree a faster machine would help, but that´s something I can´t afford right now, so I´ll stick with my humble P233 :)

thomas 20 March 2002 13:55

Go to the CPU page, choose "Fastest possible" and move the JIT slider to the middle (about 4MB). 0.8.21 should be *much* faster than 0.8.8 when using Workbench on a Picasso96 screen. Choosing AGA chipset slows down things much, so use OCS where possible.

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jmmijo 20 March 2002 19:55

or you can create your own custom config for each of these games and tweak the hell out of them ;)

Shatterhand 21 March 2002 05:09


thanks for the tip, I'll try out


That's exact what I want to do, that's why I would like to know what things make games run faster, and what's the problem when using those things...

jmmijo 21 March 2002 06:34

Well besides the obvious of getting an emu running on a faster platform, you can really see what happens when you adjust the screen resolution, it appears that Full Screen makes things go slower and can cause stuttering. Also adjusting the sound quality, i.e., from 48K down to 11k and from stereo to mono will help speed things up.

One thing that can also help on a slower machine is to have a faster GPU on your video card, i.e., something on par of a TNT2 or faster with at least 16MB or more of local frame memory. Be sure you have the latest drivers installed for all your devices, sound video and chipset!

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