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Akira 31 January 2004 01:27

aGTW admin system beta version launched.

Originally posted by fragorn

aGTW Project

What's new>>

- First release
- Added basic add/delete/modify/search/list.
- Thumbnail on list

This means that the project has just started and the database will get filled little by little. As soon as we have something to show it will be up! We won't wait until teh database is completed, we'll release it while we fill it up, but we MUST define how it will all look like priopr to release, obv. :)

Feel free to contribute with data for unreleased and lost games! cheers.

the wolf 31 January 2004 01:48

Well, I can start even now, but what about the missing fields?
(Programmer, graphician, etc...)

fragorn 31 January 2004 04:35

I just included fields that you see because I received that info for the DB on start.
So confirm me which other info should be included on full game description, and I will add it on the DB structure (and which ones can't be empty)

I'm thinking instead of selecting the thumbnail from the screenshots, to add it separated, cause of size requisites...

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