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Daniel Cordell 24 August 2011 19:29

Deleting RAD Drive
I installed Classic WB today and everything was working fine. :)

But then I wanted to give that special Startup thing a go with the game and demo that is preinstalled on it to see if I can get something started with max RAM.

It installed RAD on my system and messed my AMIGA up.

I'm now repartitioning my hard drives then reinstalling 3.1 so I can eventually put CWB back onto my AMIGA soon.

However the RAD is still there and still bootable with loads of annoying error pop up messages coming up on start up.

How can I get rid of the RAD 100% so I can get to reinstalling my classic workbench without the annoyance?

Do you have any tips that will stop me from making that stupid RAD mistake again ie. Can somebody tell me how to do the special booting without it messing my system up again?

Please help me. I'm in dire stress after messing up my AMIGA please tell me how to get rid of the RAD from my system startup.

Coagulus 24 August 2011 19:50

the command remrad gets rid of it I think, is there something in the startup-sequence or user-startup starting Rad: off though?

Daniel Cordell 24 August 2011 20:00

Yeah I can do that in the boot menu, but I want a permanent solution. I have got rid of all traces of CWB by re-petitioning my drive but it didn't get rid of that Rad it put on it which broke CWB Lite so it couldn't work anymore until I go through the re-install process to begin with.

It doesn't help if I don't know what to type "remrad" into to try that method out.

I'm guess it messing my AMIGA up was to do with only having the basics and a PCMIA fast ram card? I had to give it a try though because I would like to make the most out of WHDLoad and have my complete RAM running the game without Workbench.

Retro1234 24 August 2011 20:27

RAD is just a virtual drive that uses the memory and not permanent switching the Amiga off for seconds will get rid of it.

fryguy 24 August 2011 21:22

If you moved the file RAD to devs:dosdrivers then move it somewhere else or delete it.

Daniel Cordell 24 August 2011 21:32

I found the command thing when I re-installed 3.1. I put in C:RemRAD and it did nothing. I tried formatting the RAD so the files on it are gone still it hangs at the DOS screen thing instead of loading straight in.

Seems like I have to go into the menu and turn it off every time. I hope somebody can sort me out before I can proceed going back to CW Lite.

So now I've switched the power off I can switch it back on sometime and not get the AMIGADOS screen?

Edit: Success, thank you Boo Boo.

Got any tips for the boot screen this time when the CW Lite is back on? Ie. doing what I was trying to do with full success?

Edit: After reinstalling Classic Workbench no more problems in RADBoot or with workbench. My AMIGA's happy now.

Bamiga2002 24 August 2011 23:15

Try "RemRAD FORCE" if you want to get rid of RAD when power is on. Nice play of words there heh! :)

Bloodwych 01 September 2011 14:02

Glad you got it sorted Daniel - even with RAD:, it's hard to get many WHDLoad games running on a 2MB A1200. The last resort is executing via shell.

Sorry you had to go through so much pain! As you now know, as a last resort RAD: is wiped by switching off your Amiga for 30 seconds or so.

Daniel Cordell 05 September 2011 22:00

Yes, indeed I went though the whole process of reinstalling the thing when I didn't need to. lol

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