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Bloodwych 20 June 2002 13:53

What's stored in the UAEFSDB file?
I've noticed WinUAE creates these files when working with hard drive directories.

What information do these files actually hold?

Is it safe to delete these files when I'm backing up the directories because I don't want them included on my CD backups. This is due to the fact that sometimes I copy directories to my real Amiga where these files are not required.

I've noticed that WB1.3 harddrive directories won't work if these UAEFSDB files are removed, but WB 3.0 doesn't seem to care.

Please can someone clear this up? :confused

I thank you! :D :)

Toni Wilen 20 June 2002 15:34

UAEFSDB contains list of file/directory information:

- protection flag combinations that native filesystem can't support.
- filenote (comment)
- original and "mangled" filename (Amiga support characters in file names that are illegal in most other platforms)

They can be safely deleted, but be careful, you may lose important information..

BTW: UAEFSDB handling has still some bugs. (stored information will disappear in some cases..)

Bloodwych 20 June 2002 19:24

Thanks Tony.

I use a 40MB HDF for the SYS partition and mounted PC directories for storage such as games, demos and archives off aminet. Since these files are never altered under WinUAE and only ever read and transferred to a real Amiga, I should be fine. :)

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