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NunoUFO 27 September 2019 13:32

Amiga CD32 with CF WiFi card - has anyone tried?
Hi all,

I'm currently chasing my Holly Grail of having the best possible CD32 setup.

I've recently got the amazing TF330 and it's just brilliant.
However there's still a few things missing such as floppy drive support, VGA/hdmi, RTC and finally network.

So I've been investigating and found these WiFi CF cards:

They seem to work autonomously, so no way to network the CD32, but at least I could eventually send files to the Amiga... Well at least I would like to. But not sure if it's possible.

Has anyone ever tried this or have any insights?

Thank you

Jope 27 September 2019 14:54

This will only work, if your card is formatted fat32.

lord of time 27 September 2019 15:20

There is another way you could do this - I am not sure of the finer details but the TF330 has a ESP header that as far as I am aware exposes the CD32 Aux serial lines - so maybe look into wireless networking with this?

alexh 27 September 2019 17:19

Use a dual-CF->IDE adapter and use the Wifi-CF card in the non-boot card slot formatted Fat32?

You'll need a way to install fat95 in Workbench first.


Let us know back if it works.

UberFreak 28 September 2019 17:44

Everything I've seen and read about these cards suggest you can only read files from the card through WiFi, but can't write to it.

McTrinsic 29 September 2019 01:02

Some time ago I read a posting (not here) about the Linux running on these cards as servers.

Some of them can be adapted to allow writing on both sides.

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