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diego-rbb-93 17 August 2019 15:55

[Preservation request] Dumpers needed on Redump!
Hi everyone!

My name is Diego and i come from a platform called VideoGaming Preservation Collective. Our group is formed by volunteers from different gaming preservation groups like Redump, No-Intro, TOSEC and more!


You may have seen me opening across Reddit different posts asking for help for gaming preservation:

Redump is the preservation project behind optical media gaming preservation, so we try to dump and add all info related to all the gaming titles ever released on different platforms that uses optical media as CDs, DVDs, UMDs, BDs...

In the last year, we managed to push to the edge lot of our sets, for example, we recently finished the Saturn USA fullset and the Sony Playstation PAL one is really close.

For us, is time to start wondering again if its time to take a look at some niche sets that we havent paid enough atention... So the moment to ask for help has come.

The Amiga disc sets are a wonderful material to preserve, but we have always lacked enough support on them, not only dumping, but proper documentation to know all the items existing.

For example:


Truth is, we still need to fully document all the stuff related to Amiga CD and CDTV.



You can see the full undumped Wiki here:


Anything you can do for us, we will apreciate it a lot! For what i know, one of the admins, TheBoss, has been kind enough in time to provide us help and dump some stuff. Thanks so much for providing help, in the name of all my group!

Finally, in case you are interested in helping, you can always join us in VGPC Discord: https://discord.gg/AHTfxQV (note: in this Discord, rom sharing is totally forbbiden, this is a place to work actively for gaming preservation, and we take this serious). If not, you can always write here.

Thanks for your atention!

Asle 17 August 2019 18:58

but, uh ... where are the dumps ? must have missed something
and only games ?!?

Retroplay 17 August 2019 19:19

The current Amiga set minus a few APC-TCP titles is on the FTP

diego-rbb-93 19 August 2019 01:56


Originally Posted by Asle (Post 1339363)
but, uh ... where are the dumps ? must have missed something
and only games ?!?

No, not only games, but its true that most of the application/multimedia stuff out of games was added to TOSEC.

If we have to focus, we normally focus on videogame stuff, but Redump acepts all kind of discs.

And no, Redump.org doesnt storage any kind of dumped data, only the hashes and all the documentation around, same as TOSEC.

The Redump volunteers try to keep the sets updated and avaliable by the community outside the project by their own will.

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