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Marcuz 08 August 2018 12:01

Ishar series - fix keyboard bindings
I've reported to CFOU!, via the WHDLoad report page, about a key binding issue, affecting the whole Ishar series, that I note here too:

1) numpad 1-9 that the games use for movement have been partly remapped to left side 1-9 keys making movement awkward, if you don't use a mouse;

Apparently numpad keys 1 and 3 still allow to strafe, while numpad key 7 opens either the combat grid, or the game menu (depending on the game).

2) F10 has been bound as WHDLoad kill key, but it's also used as action key for the fifth character in the party (the game uses F1 to F10 as hotkeys for attack and action for the five party's characters).

Tested on various ClassicWB configurations.

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