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ztronzo 01 December 2015 08:56

Netplay anyone?
Hello guys!
Im looking for Amiga Gamers to test Frode's netplay service with FS-UAE.
I have already set-up a few dedicated servers and configs.
Please visit to try them out.

ztronzo 13 December 2015 04:57


ztronzo 19 January 2016 09:24


Foul 19 January 2016 14:35



ztronzo 19 January 2016 23:05

Thanks Foul.. I checked it out a bit, but it seems too much of a hassle...
need to install 3rd party software like hamachi etc.
Amiga users like simple stuff since the old days... no typing, just insert the disk and voila...
Would you like me to show you the way to connect with my method and you show me yours and share ideas...
I believe mine is much simpler and up to the point :-)
Give it a shot! http://www.amiga.xyz

Playaveli 23 January 2016 12:59


Game lobby needed!!! :)

ztronzo 22 March 2016 22:04

I have a new NetPlay Client for anyone who wants to try,
I have a list of game ready configurations...
its still in the works but it makes it very easy to setup an online multiplayer over a Server or even P2P..
Can be downloaded from http://www.amiga.xyz

Feel free to give it a try and let me know if you have any issues..
Thanks :-)

Playaveli 23 March 2016 12:44

This is great work.
The best and most user-friendly approach for Amiga online gaming, so far.

Had very good pings on FR and DE server. Could play SWOS (i.e. fast paced game!) online vs. Italian and Polish guys, with only 1 frame delay.

I hope this (or rather: the functions of it!!) can be integrated into the actual FS-UAE launcher, to abandon one application and to have it "all-in-one"!
It's very easy to setup an online game, or to join a waiting game in the game lobby. More people should play-test and drop some feedback.


ztronzo 27 August 2018 17:06

www.amiga.xyz no longer exists.
For anyone still interested, please use www.amigalive.com

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