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Leffmann 24 August 2015 19:34

Some issues when mounting ADFs and large archives
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I'm trying to mount a few ADFs and one large archive as hard drives, but end up with corrupted directories and WinUAE freezing.

When I mount the ADFs I get duplicate files in the directories. Sometimes it's a single file, sometimes it's multiple files. I've verified the ADFs to be correctly dumped, and everything works fine if I attach them to the disk drives. Also, while the ADFs appear with their AmigaDOS name in Workbench, which is great, the label field in the configuration incorrectly shows the ADF file name.

The ZIP I'm trying to mount is 550mb in size and has about 4k directories and 40k files, but nothing happens when I drag it to the hard drive panel. I've given it a good 15 minute wait, but WinUAE seems completely frozen. I can browse the contents in Explorer and 7-zip, so the archive is fine.

I get the same results in 3.2b9, 3.1, 3.0, 2.8.1, and 2.7.

Toni Wilen 24 August 2015 21:02

Archive handling can get extremely ineffective when number of files becomes very large.. Can't really say without being able to duplicate it. Only possible suggestion is: don't do it :)

ADF: Test case adf needed.

Leffmann 24 August 2015 21:46

Sorry I thought the disk name would be listed in the log; it's Workbench 3.1 for A1200, CRC32 576B08F9.

When mounting a large archive needing more than a couple of seconds to work through, a simple progress indicator, or at least a dialog letting the user know what's going on, would be a good idea.

Also, would it be possible to allow the user to hold shift while dropping ADF/DMS into the emulator window, to force them to mount as hard drives?

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