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RCK 14 November 2001 19:24

switchback by Rebels (AGA)
Well, I'm a bit lazy tonight :p
Anyone have a working config file for this little demo ? (AGA)
The music is awesome & I would like to listen it again :)

Download link: here

ps: If someone could also rip me the music track, that would be fabulous :cool

Paul 14 November 2001 20:36

This demo has always worked for me with winuae 14r1.

Here is my config

Removed: Config file

Frog 14 November 2001 20:38

There is a WHDLoad fix for this demo. I attached it to this thread. Hope it suit your need.

You can also find the soundtrack into The Zone ;)

Removed: Attachment

Akira 14 November 2001 21:45

Wow, the END tune is fricking awesome. I didnt like the main tune that much though.

I pumped it up and the whole studio is jammin to that beat :D Thanks for teh upload Frog!

RCK 15 November 2001 01:09

Many thanks guys
@Paul: Cool a config file :cool

@Frog: Yeeeeeeah, nice rip, /me happy ! :great

@Akira: I just love the main tune ;) Chromag rules
The End track is very well done, but it is "only" a Prodigy remix.

Paul 15 November 2001 12:40

Why is this in the demo?:confused :laugh

Removed: Screenshot

Frog 15 November 2001 13:48

Perhaps to make people ask themselves some question ? ;)

RCK 15 November 2001 14:20


Originally posted by s4murai
Because this drawing is fantastic?
agree, the baby / adult mix is excellent.

Akira 15 November 2001 21:15


Originally posted by Paul
Why is this in the demo?:confused :laugh
Why does everything need to have a reason? :D

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