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Jim 12 July 2004 10:43

Take me to a random game button
User presses button on HOL's front page. Some simple code generates a random number between 1 & (whatever last id is). The HOL page for that game id loads.

Useful if you're bored and looking for a game to play etc...

Marcuz 12 July 2004 21:48

i second that, it's really an interesting feature. btw, your continuos avatar change is ansiogenous: are you maybe a Dancing Visage Tleilaxu? you shapeless form monster ;)

Dizzy 12 July 2004 22:57

Just so you can make more anagram :laughing

Marcuz 12 July 2004 23:05

lol what about a button to provide a random gaysh avatar to jim?

Dizzy 13 July 2004 00:09

hehehe that would be very handy when your bored :lol

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