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vk3heg 09 July 2019 16:56

Wanted: A3000 3.1Roms
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Hi Guys,
I'm looking for some replacement 3.1 Rom's for my A3000 Rev 9 Motherboard.
The current rom's are producing the dreaded red screen on applying power.

This board doesn't have a rom tower, and only sockets in the first two slot's.

The board does work, as I tried my A4000 rom's, and get the "insert" disk screen, and can boot to workbench.

I have approached amigakit, but they don't have any. :crying


DofD 09 July 2019 18:16

AmigaStore has them. https://amigastore.eu/

I've ordered from them a number of times and they are good to shop with.

Hedeon 09 July 2019 18:44

Wasn't there something like, that when you put A4000 ROMs in an A3000, it won't give a red screen when the daughter board is faulty/not present like it does with the A3000 ROMs?

I might be totally wrong here. Something is nagging in the back of my memory.

r.cade 09 July 2019 21:43

Missing daughter card causes yellow screen, not red.

pgovotsos 10 July 2019 21:03

Does it have to be 3.1 or can it be the recently released 3.1.4 by Hyperion? All of the retailers are selling it, including the version for the 3000. If you have the equipment to burn a ROM and don't want to pay for shipping, you can buy the digital version directly from Hyperion and burn your own ROM and create floppies.

midway 11 July 2019 09:00

I have a spare set specificly made for the 3000. One broken pin which you can fix if you dont remove the rom often. Shoot me a pm or email better as I rarely am on eab

pgovotsos 11 July 2019 19:49

Are you looking for only Commodore 3.1 chips? GGS in Sweden has them in stock for the 3000. If Cloanto or Hyperion is OK, every retailer I checked just now has one or both in stock except for Alinea.

Depending on your country, pick the one with the best price, including shipping, to you. Amiga on the Lake, Amigakit, Amigastore.eu, Amedia, Vesalia, they all have in stock Cloanto and / or Hyperion chips in stock for the 3000.

vk3heg 12 July 2019 02:46

Thanks for all the responses guys. I don't know the location of my burner or the required chips after moving three times in as many years. So it will have to be physical roms that I purchase.

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