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buckrogers 30 March 2005 15:44

Which MOBO for PC gaming?
Got myself a couple of 486sx based systems:

1. Genuine IBM PS/1 33Mhz 4mb RAM desktop
2. MSI (Microstart international) 4132 G mobo 33Mhz 4mb RAM with serial mouse (adapted to PS2) and OLD BIG din plug for keyboard, 7 ISA slots, tower, Video: Cirrus logic GD-54

Which should I use to build an old school dos games rig?

Shoud I ditch the MSI mobo and replace it with an Intel DX2 66Mhz or MSI DX4 100Mhz mobo?

I will have a seperate pentium system for newer DOS/Win95 games.

Is the type of mobo for a pentium system relevant to DOS gaming? I have a choice of a:

ASUS Motherboard P/1-P55TVP4:
Specs - Pentium, Pentium MMX, K5, K6, 6x86, 6x86MX, Socket 7, Intel 430VX PCIset, 4 PCI, 3 ISA, Baby AT Form Factor



I like that the ECS is ATX form factor and has USB.

What to do?

wlcina 30 March 2005 15:45

asus is very good choice!

TikTok 30 March 2005 15:49

Yes, ASUS definitely!

buckrogers 30 March 2005 16:35

No offense guys, but that's what everyone says - ASUS all the way!

...but WHY? Sure the build quality looks "mil spec", but surely the ol' ECS has the edge with the ability to use newer and quieter ATX power supplies?

Otherwise I do not see any difference between the two in terms of real life use. I would be glad if someone can point any differences spec wise between the two since I would not know a socket 7 from a 240volt mains. The only other difference I can see is that the Asus will accept a P1 cpu, in addition to others, while the ECS will only go as low as a P2. How does that relate to playing early to mid 90's games?

Can someone please enlighten me? Is there more to the ASUS hype that I am unaware of?

ant512 30 March 2005 16:36

Pah. Just get the most expensive motherboard you can find by Gigabyte.

wlcina 30 March 2005 16:36

I have asus only mobos for 10 years and I am very satisfied!

oldpx 30 March 2005 20:22

ASUS all the way simply because of great overclocking potential. They always have something extra against the other brands!

TikTok 30 March 2005 21:05

Yeah, maybe "everybody" is right! :D

oldpx 30 March 2005 21:13

I'm mainly using two computers. Older one has an asus p4p800, newer one is a shuttle xpc, both have [socket 478] type cpu sockets.. When I got the newer machine I moved the p4 2.6ghz cpu from the old p4p800 machine to the xpc. That cpu used to work at 3.2ghz for more than two years but now anything above 2.8ghz causes instabilities with the xpc.

I also placed a new p4 3.0ghz cpu to the 2yr old p4p800 asus board and it's now working flawlessly as a 3.7ghz beast!

edit: but reading the original post I realized these weren't your worries. In any case something you can overclock to the extreme is guaranteed to work perfectly when not overclocked. ;)

Npl 30 March 2005 22:04


PCs dont have a personality like the Amiga - nothing lost if you just emulate them :agree

TikTok 30 March 2005 22:55

Unfortunately there are quite a few protected mode games that don't run well under DOSBox (very slow), and don't run under modern versions of Windows either.

buckrogers 31 March 2005 09:15


PCs dont have a personality like the Amiga - nothing lost if you just emulate them :agree
I used to think the same. But I have come to realise that each living thing has a spirit, and that once we find all 8 spirits, then we can remove the phantoms. One of the 8 spirits is the spirit of the 486DX2, with extended 512 cache and optional FPU. According to Dr Aki, with this 8th spirit, we may be able to solve the phantom mystery... woops, sorry, too much Final Fantasy.

Every computer has a certain feel to it. And although the feel of the PC paled in comarison to that of the amiga back in the day (with many claiming it had no soul), it is nice to fast foward to today and appreciate the subtleties and differences between the two. I would contend that starting around the time of Ultima VII, and perhaps Alone in the Dark, the PC's personality began to shine, and in some respects, eclipse other gaming platforms. That is, the soul or feel of a platform goes beyond the OS, to encompass the quality of software. The PC is cool in the sense fo seeing what hardware add-ons allow one to enjoy the gaming experience that much more. Like a midi card.

manicx 31 March 2005 09:32

I would recommend either Asus or Gigabyte. The reason? STABILITY. I've set more than 1000 PCs in my life and it appears that Asus and Gigabyte mobos are the most stable ones. BIOS upgrades are out when you need them, support is excellent and their quaility is unmatched.

buckrogers 31 March 2005 09:40

Now that's a rationale I can relate too. Asus or gigabyte it is. BW, did either manufacture 486 boards? Annd does it matter what socket is on the mobo?

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