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ItsTheSmell 04 March 2021 23:57

what's going on with Amiga.net.pl
I bought some books on 4th Nov, they sent 2 out of 5 and said because of the virus there will be a delay. When I asked at the start of Jan they said they were held at customs. A month ago they said they would send them the following weekend (meaning they hadn't shipped them) and now theyre ignoring my messages.

amifan 05 March 2021 02:03

I had some trouble with them as well, I ordered an Amos programming book and pre-ordered the Alarcity game, while now I know that the Alarcity game is delayed, I never received my book and got no answer when I contacted them, now their website is down as well. It is a shame but it seems always a gamble when buying Amiga stuff nowadays.

ItsTheSmell 05 March 2021 06:38

Their new site is bitronic.pl thyve changed their name for some reason. Its programming books I'm waiting for. And Wordworth 7

ItsTheSmell 21 May 2021 15:24

I haven't had my books delivered, in march he said it was in the post, yesterday I asked him for the tracking number and he gave me a bent one with a destination of Poland not the UK. Avoid this seller he's turned out to be a fraudster.

stylon 10 June 2021 00:57


Originally Posted by ItsTheSmell (Post 1485666)
I haven't had my books delivered, in march he said it was in the post, yesterday I asked him for the tracking number and he gave me a bent one with a destination of Poland not the UK. Avoid this seller he's turned out to be a fraudster.

Please tell me this isn't true... I ordered €100 worth of books, magazines and software from this site back at the start of April and so far I have received nothing other than digital links to them. I've been ordering stuff off them for years but this was my first order since they changed their name...

I know that 2 of the 5 items I ordered stipulate that they won't be printed/sent until they have 50 orders for them but that's no excuse for the rest of the order.

Time to contact them again... :sad

ItsTheSmell 10 June 2021 01:08

I called PayPal today to see if they could claw back my money, they said after 180 days they won't do anything because that's their policy. I told them that the world has been shut down because of a virus so I didn't make any claims, PayPal said try your bank. They said their policy is 120 days so fuck off, basically.
The last communication I had with Amiga.net he gave me the tracking no. for my parcel, when I tried to track it the one he gave me had a destination of Poland and had been delivered. The guy is turning out to be a crook and he's stolen my money.

stylon 10 June 2021 14:31

It's 'only' been 70 days for me so far but I'll make a note of the 180 days in case this stretches on for that long so I still have time to get PayPal involved if needed.

I've requested a refund of most of the order from Bitronic as it's been over 2 months and nothing has even been dispatched. Don't mind waiting a bit longer for Amiga User 11 as it's not finished yet but the rest of the stuff no.

Will see what happens...

kriz 10 June 2021 16:45

This is just a big shame, i have ordered stuff before without problems but this does not sound good!

apex 10 June 2021 19:11

Poland is/was highly affected from Covid.

dreadnought 10 June 2021 19:36

That's not an excuse for lack of communication.

stylon 10 June 2021 20:54

I've made several orders from them over the years and always received them... eventually.

Unfortunately I can't recall a single order that was delivered without some sort of hassle. Parcels going missing, items not sent for ages, partial delivery's with remaining items taking many weeks to successfully chase up, and a general lack of or poor communication. Never had an order sit doing nothing for 9 weeks with no word of an explanation before though.

When I get this order sorted (one way or another) I won't be placing another order with them again. I've finally learnt my lesson - it's just too much bloody aggro. I order things from Poland all the time and never have a problem elsewhere; K&A+ magazine, electroware PSU's, retronics perspex cases and so on. Throughout the pandemic too. It's a shame as they offer stuff that nobody else does (OS and programming books) but it is what it is.

ItsTheSmell 11 June 2021 20:28

This morning I got a reply saying he has already refunded me from his bank and it should be with my PayPal by Monday. I'm not holding my breath.

ItsTheSmell 14 June 2021 20:54

Tonight I received an offer via PayPal for my missing books, the offer is £25 and the books I didn't receive are worth £53.

taking the p1ss.

stylon 14 June 2021 23:11

At least you've had a reply... I'm still waiting. :(

stylon 18 June 2021 11:46

Well it's been more than a week now and no reply, other than the automated confirmation. I've sent another message today requesting to cancel my order and get a refund. If that one gets ignored then I'm going straight to PayPal to see if they can sort it.

My ordered hasn't even been dispatched...

stylon 18 June 2021 15:20

Quick reply this time - says he'll refund to my PayPal account next week. Fingers crossed...

ItsTheSmell 18 June 2021 15:21

Sometimes their replies don't send notifications. Find the last response you have from them and use that link there may be something.

ItsTheSmell 24 June 2021 19:22

Ive just received my 2nd part of the refund, so in total I have had £40 back from a £53 purchase which I'll accept. What a PITA that was.

stylon 24 June 2021 19:52

Glad you got there in the end. I'm still waiting for my refund - though he has re-affirmed I'll get it this week...

stylon 29 June 2021 17:15

Still waiting... contacted him again and now he promises a refund this week...

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