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John Dough 22 February 2014 12:35

Trapped II - doesn't start
I searched the forum, but didn't find anything about my problem.

I try to play Trapped II from cd and use winuae with OS3.9 .
When I doubleclick "trappedstart" a requester pops up with info to
select the savepath in the next requester.


Once I click on continue,
I get a requester that says "Bus Error"


When I click one of the OKAY! buttons I finally get a programm error
message from prefs.exe and buttons to reboot now or later.


I know this is in german, but you guys know these kinda requesters for sure ;-) And that's it. Nothing happens afterwards.
So I'm kinda stuck :banghead

Could this be a problem of WinUAE? I can't test this on a real Amiga anymore, but I can remember it worked back in the days...

My WinUAE 2.7 config is as follows:
A1200 3.1 kickstart rom
JIT 040
2 MB Chip Ram
8 MB Fast
128MB Z3 RAM
RTG Graphicscard "UAE Zorro III" with 16MB Ram

As said above I'm using OS3.9 fresh install with P96 and no other adds.

Hope anyone can help...

zipper 22 February 2014 12:54

It doesn't want to play from CD without some trickery with assigns or something. Seems it wants by default be in Work:Games and then a savepath must be given etc. Must look further. Seems it wants to write to Trapped: so better to copy the CD to HD.
Anyway, it starts from the CD - I have WinUAE 2.5.1 on Amikit, A1200 config with 128MB; 020 + 68882, JIT, OS 3.9, ZorroIII RTG 32 MB.
Amikit installation has an assign tool which helps to do the assigns on the fly.

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