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endre1952 11 June 2020 21:19

Retroarch Android P-UAE core performance
My current phone is a Razer Phone 2, which has a pretty capable CPU and also supports that elusive 50hz refresh rate. However, I'm having some issues with CPU emulation set to "cycle-exact", which is certainly needed for some games (It Came From The Desert and Super Cars come to mind). In some games, the refresh rate often drops to around 46fps and the sound starts to break up. Is there anything I can do to improve emulation performance while still using the cycle-exact option? No, I don't want to try overclocking the phone...

endre1952 13 June 2020 07:36

Never mind, I seem to have fixed the slowdown by turning off freesync/G-sync mode in the menu.

twenty90seven 13 June 2020 13:14

Cool - how are you finding the Razer Phone 2 for playing Amiga at 50 hz - is it silky smooth? How are games like Pinball Fantasies or Jim Power?

endre1952 13 June 2020 13:18

Just great. It is indeed silky smooth. I'll have to test Jim Power again, but it ran at 50fps with Uae4arm.

edit: Both Jim Power and Pinball Fantasies AGA run at full speed in Retroarch with cycle exact cpu emulation, aga chipset, 68020 cpu at 28mhz, 8 mb fast ram.

endre1952 13 June 2020 13:34

One thing about the Razer Phone 2. It's supposed to have an adaptive sync screen. But except for perhaps Mame4droid, it doesn't seem to work properly with emulators. However, if I set 50hz mode in game booster for an emulator, it will indeed run at 50hz, with silky smooth scrolling. I wish there was also a 70hz mode in game booster for proper emulation of PC DOS games.

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