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Joe Maroni 18 February 2008 21:55

LvlRip 1.2 released...last version ever done by me
i´ve decided to release the really last version of LvlRip written by me.

Why ?

well, as some of you may already noticed i´ve been a father for some months...(exactly since april,29th 2007)

that´s one of the main reasons why i´ve stopped development on the program. beside this, i didn´t reached the goal to write enough tutorials that LvlRip could get more interesting for other people that like to try to create gamemaps of their beloved games.

shame on me...:(
if you have understand how it works, perhaps its getting more famous.

currently i´m not sure to make the source code public, but if anyone like to continue my work, i would be glad to give the source away...

nevertheless, get the last binary from me..;)


zenox98 20 February 2008 20:17

Thanks :)

Joe Maroni 21 February 2008 22:28


due to the fact that you are the only one who replied to this thread i have to thank YOU....:laughing:laughing

that shows the reason that i stopped the development on LvlRip

zenox98 21 February 2008 23:54

It's a shame, possibly symptomatic of society in general ;)

Too much?


demoniac 22 February 2008 00:18

I grabbed the latest as well. I tried v1.02 a long time back, but with beating the games, TOSEC renaming, and ripping out music modules, I didn't want to have another responsibility. Maybe, I'll revisit LvlRip sometime.

blindfold 01 March 2008 03:08

I would be honoured to tweak a thing or two in this. Sorry - I visit eab once per week, and I'm quite a shy guy with continuous lack of time :/
If you are willing to share the code, here is my email: fumanchi@gmail.com
BTW. I do admire your work and this fancy tool. :p

Joe Maroni 01 April 2008 19:53


have fun with the undocumented source...:)

the lvlrip file is the main file which calls all other sources...;)

zenox98 01 April 2008 21:58

Cool, cheers! Now...if only I could program........:D

musashi9 10 April 2008 05:45

cool program I just tried it on Leander and got some good results

john4p 03 July 2009 13:09

@Joe: Can you write the changed maps back into the savestate and thus play the changed game using your LvlRip-Tool (like you started with Turrican II)?

Crashdisk 03 July 2009 23:53

Your site web is offline?
I can't download bin or src... :(

lilalurl 04 July 2009 00:01


Originally Posted by Crashdisk (Post 567560)
Your site web is offline?
I can't download bin or src... :(

Binaries are mirrored there:

Crashdisk 05 July 2009 13:49

Thank you, lilalurl

gunatm 05 July 2009 14:24

If there are any new versions by Joe Maroni it will be a pleasure for me to host them with his agreement. I asked him some years ago. It´s a great software!

Joe Maroni 06 July 2009 12:44

no it is not possible to write back the changed maps...:sad

and guna....there is no newer version of the tool since v1.2....:crying

i really don´t have time to include more features as i´m to busy with my job and my son....:(

i´m glad to find time to write a reply to this thread...and the HOL team likes to see some more gamemaps from me after many months of doing nothing for the database....:crying

i´m so sorry mates.....

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