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dannyboy_77 14 August 2019 07:02

Amiga CD32 & TerribleFire 330 Accelerator Card
Hi all Amigan's from all over the world,

I have a Terrible Fire 330 for my Amiga CD32. Recently I acquired it and I must say what a fantastic piece of kit it is! Truly transforms your AmigaCD32 with an 030 CPU and plenty of much needed FastRAM. In fact, much much better than the SX32-Pro which costs 10 fold nowadays lol

Anyway, just curious to hear your thoughts about this accelerator card. Any hints and tips? And pro's and con's you've experienced??

Notice the 68030 CPU is NOS? I didn't know China made more of these in today's times... wow! I can see it has a -33 serial number, being a 33mhz unit overlocked according to SysInfo v4.0 to 51.8Mhz. Runs warmish, but not hot. Great no HS or Fan required. Has anyone managed to overclock it further? Can the crystal/firmware be modified? Perhaps overclocking it to 56 or even 60mhz? I wonder if it can be done and can run stable..... hmmmm Would be great to pass the 10MIPS barrier :laughing:laughing:laughing

Let the discussions begin.... :agree:D

Carry on Amigan's because Amiga rulez forever, x signed by Dannyboy in OZ :cheese:great

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