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sneckburger 03 September 2018 09:51

Gotek advice - flashing firmware - best option
As Title.
I have bought a cheap China one about £13 from ebay, took about a month to arrive.
I am also looking to program the gotek using the USB method. But the video on youtube says the HxC firmware wont work using this method. Is HxC the best option, I've heard Flash floppy and Cortex are options is there limitations with these?

Allen1 03 September 2018 16:34

Hi Sneckburger,

Cortex, HxC and FlashFloppy can all be programmed with a cheap USB to Serial programmer available from Ebay. The information about the Cortex, HcX and Flash Floopy firmware and programming is available below ( I can't remember how to add links properly).

Cortex https://cortexamigafloppydrive.wordpress.com/

HxC https://hxc2001.com/download/floppy_...tor/index.html

Flash Floppy https://github.com/keirf/FlashFloppy...re-Programming

As far as I know only FlashFloppy can be programmed with a USB cable, if you have one of the external USB hard drives that have 2 or 3 standard USB connectors then you are sorted (I got my cables from 2 1/2" external hard drives).

The programming isn't too difficult once you get the hang of it but you do need to read up on that and add links to the Goteks circuit board to allow it to be programmed (this will become apparent after reading the Cortex, HcX or FlashFloppy pages.

About what choice to use?
Cortex was the original "NEW" firmware but is no longer updated but it was good for us all till HxC and FlashFloppy left it behind in what is now capable from the Gotek.

HcX is a brilliant product and its often updated too, this is a commercial product but very cheap to buy.

FlashFloppy is free and is also often updated and it great plus it can be programmed by the USB port.

The choice would be HxC or FlashFloppy.
For ease of programming (options) I would go for FlashFloppy and maybe look into getting another Gotek and using the HxC firmware with that.

Either way the are both worth using, you will also learn and gain some experience as you go along from doing things like reprogramming them yourself :great

BrooksterMax 03 September 2018 18:20

As above HxC and Flash Floppy are the best and only candidates to really consider. I have both on different drives in different machines. Fabulous devices, bring a whole new life to using software on real hardware with some of the modern conveniences and not worrying about read errors on real media.

For me the ability to save and write to disks is the game changer on these firmwares and both above have that capability whereas Cortex didn't cope very well with writing.

sneckburger 04 September 2018 09:21

Thanks for advice guys. I was reading the main article on the subject and I got a little lost in the jargon.
I already have a HxC one I bought pre-programmed on ebay fitted to my accelerated A600, but the plan was to fit a second in my spare bare A600 to play the older games that have issues with the Furia card. Also I have an A1200 with a Gotek too, so I was looking to save money by flashing the firmware myself. most likely Flash floppy now.
Thanks again.

sneckburger 14 September 2018 10:30

to update on this.
I bought an Type A to Type A USB cable for only a few £ and followed the Youtube video https://github.com/keirf/FlashFloppy...re-Programming "USB method 2".
Its a little fast paced but everything was there and easy enough to follow. Turns out I didn't need to generate the dfu file, but I did it anyway.
I used a cut up paperclip to make the connections as my Gotek didn't have header pins with it, mine was like the one the video and it looked like he'd used paper clips on his, though mine did have an extra hole which I just ignored.
The first time I flashed it when I tested it it didn't seem to work on my Amiga, I got a dull flash from the green LED on the Gotek, but nothing on the segment display. It took a second try to get it to work and was happy to see F-F on the display. Result!.
Question though. I plugged my USB drive in with a collection of ADF files and the HxC selector program, I was surprised that worked as I thought I'd need a Flash floppy selector? I'm little confused on this can someone explain?

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