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Echo 21 August 2003 14:16

TBL - Perfect Circle
While browsing The Assembly 2003 mpegs, '2003-08-09-1205_amiga.mpg' featured this TBL demo from a different party in 2001.

I decided to download the exe rather than watch a poor quality mpeg.

There's some very nice effects in this, and one in particular I'm curious about. It features some 3D trees - and I cannot believe this is realtime rendering. I am running it via the emulator, so am probably getting far better framerates than the 68060/20MB requirements, but still - reasonably fast NVidia cards still have trouble rendering 3D trees!

For those who have a suitable Amiga spec, or a well configured WinUAE on a fast PC, Perfect Circle can be downloaded from here (about 6MB, FTP host).

If anyone has a real 68060 with enough RAM, I'd be interested in an estimated framerate during this tree part. The emulator is pulling 30-40fps easily.

BippyM 21 August 2003 14:39

I can't even get it running on WinUAE.. and yes I have a suitable PC.. can you post your winuae config pls

Echo 21 August 2003 14:44

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Sure, although you'll probably have to tinker with the hard drives tab to suit your own setup.

BippyM 21 August 2003 14:50

Nope.. just crashes winuae :(


Echo 21 August 2003 15:02

Weird. I believe I'm running the WinUAE just below the latest version - and launching the demo from a PC-shared hard drive.

No problems at all, not even a glitch in-demo.

BippyM 21 August 2003 15:05

Maybe it is something in my Workbench setup itself!!

I am running the latest beta of Winuae (I have been testing the avi out fixes!!)

and tried it on the last release both the same!!


Echo 21 August 2003 15:24


Originally posted by bippym
Maybe it is something in my Workbench setup itself!!
Are you running a 16/32bit Workbench display? That might be a cause, although I'd guess TBL surely intended compatibility with such a setup.

I'm still running a plain 640x480 8 colour WB myself.

ant512 21 August 2003 15:29

I've tried this before on an Apollo 060/66MHz - it runs at the same speed as WinUAE (AMD XP2000 @ 1800MHz). Dunno how it'll run on my Blizzard 060/50MHz, but there shouldn't be too much difference.

The trees do look like they're rendered in realtime - it's probably just a fractal or something similar.

You might also want to look at "Little Nell" by the same group (Black Lotus) - they have a habit of re-using their effects.

Bobic 26 August 2003 01:50


a couple of weeks after the demo was released, people found out that the tree scene wasn't rendered in realtime! Kalms (the coder) confirmed this later. Nevertheless it's a fantastic demo (which works perfectly with WinUAE, by the way. I'm always using a plain WB 3.1 for getting demos to work, with no extra stuff installed). Other "modern" demos from TBL, which are worth looking: Magia (2003), Contour (1999), Little Nell (2002), Rain (1999). You can download them here: http://www.back2roots.org/Demos/Files/Black%20Lotus/

Also you might be interested in watching a 64k intro from the group Loonies which is called "PC 64k". Even if the name sounds strange, it's an Amiga production. This little intro shows nearly the same tree scene as in the TBL demo, but this time it IS rendered in realtime. You can get the demo here: http://www.back2roots.org/Demos/Files/Loonies/. This intro was coded to impress the TBL guys ;-).

Echo 26 August 2003 02:06


Originally posted by Bobic
a couple of weeks after the demo was released, people found out that the tree scene wasn't rendered in realtime!
Ah :D

I'd have thought such a tactic could result in a disqualified entry! I'm not up on the demo rules though, maybe this is perfectly acceptable, although the pre-rendered scene certainly wasn't specified as just that in the readme.

I'll check out that 64K demo too, thanks :)

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