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Megachur 25 January 2011 21:24

Warning :

I am trying to classify/rank all the files from Collection/BBS Section and I discovered this:

There is illegal content in file _HF-ROC1.LHA of "BBS SECTION GAMES DIC 96.rar" (Collection/BBS).:spin

You must delete this file as fast as possible !

If anyone is interested I can post the rankings (without duplicates) that I'll done in the ftp . :-)

TIA :bowdown

TCD 25 January 2011 21:49

Okay, I see what you mean... :sad

Minuous 31 January 2011 07:54

>There is illegal content in file _HF-ROC1.LHA of "BBS SECTION GAMES DIC 96.rar" (Collection/BBS).

Illegal how?

>You must delete this file as fast as possible !


By the way downloads are not working anymore. (gives "500 Internal Server Error")

TCD 31 January 2011 08:41

Some scene group included very sick images in that archive. Wish I hadn't opened it...
Anyway, the 500 is fixed again.

TCD 31 January 2011 10:18

No, it was a matter of legality. Enough about it now.

cosmicfrog 31 January 2011 10:45

Thank you for saving my eyes

Minuous 01 February 2011 06:15

99% of what is on that server is illegal. So I fail to see the difference in this case. Has Cloanto started stirring up trouble again?

TCD 01 February 2011 09:07


Can all members also please note that anyone posting child of any description or images where the age of the person on the image can not be clarified and that person does not look 18yrs+ then the member responsible will receive a perm ban and their details passed onto the required authorities!
You got it now? Any further comment about it will be deleted without any notice.

doubleMG 05 February 2011 19:30

thx for all ! :)

BippyM 06 February 2011 14:40

Can this be accessed with normal FTP software?

TCD 06 February 2011 18:19

Sorry bippy, no FTP access.

BippyM 06 February 2011 18:33

Booo Hissss.....

Harry 06 February 2011 23:17

BDCK Enhanced and Castles, both by TLC uploaded.
BDCK takes quite a while to load from disk due the many files.
Please delete bdck_new.lha, i erroneously uploaded it.

TCD 06 February 2011 23:37

Thanks Harry :)
They are now in 'Game/Disk' as 'Boulderdash Construction Kit - Enhanced by TLC.zip' and 'Castles by TLC.zip'.

s2325 07 February 2011 23:37

I think ADF of Brain Artifice http://hol.abime.net/3951 should not be in PD section on EAB server.

TCD 07 February 2011 23:41

They are just added how TOSEC lists them -> not really my problem ;) (if it's corrected in the newest DAT, it will be changed when we update it)

Megachur 08 February 2011 09:31


it seems that file /Collection/BBS/Abaddon/Utility Vault 6.rar is incomplete (unexpected end of archive).

:cryingCan the uploader, upload it again ? TIA !

amiga_Forever 03 March 2011 05:41

I am uploading the complete magazines collection of CU Amiga and CU User(in PDF format), and associated cover disks/tapes (where applicable)

Not too sure where EAB have the colete set of Super CD Rom of the relevant CU Amiga mags, but i do.. So if there not there, i'll upload these too.

It'll take me a while, but there be there.

TCD 03 March 2011 08:28

Welcome to EAB amiga_Forever!

Great stuff :great If you mean the CU Amiga Super CD-Roms, they are in the folder 'CD/Magazine Cover CD/CU Amiga' :)
Looking forward to your uploads :agree

amiga_Forever 04 March 2011 11:21

Is it ok with everyone here to upload other Commodore platforms (eg. 64/128 etc) or not ?

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