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Cherno 20 March 2016 22:32

Shadow of the Beast 2 Sprites/Tiles
Hello :)

I wonder if anyone has any sprite sheets or tile maps of SOTB2? There is already a SOTB thread but it's mainly about 1 and 3, while the only thing available for SOTB2 are the level maps on the HOL.

I would be able to create tilemaps from the maps, but my efforts to rip sprites via GFXRipper were only partially successful.

dlfrsilver 21 March 2016 00:16

I have started something on this game, but it's not that easy.

Cherno 21 March 2016 00:31

I have begun creating a tilemap from the first map, got most of the normal terrain tiles done, still need to do the special tiles like the pulleys.

Cherno 22 March 2016 18:35

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Cherno 05 April 2016 00:53

I have assembled all tilemaps from the game :) I used Maptapper to rip the tiles and then recolored them carefully so they have the colors of a WinUAE screenshot. Some tiles use different palettes depending on the world zone, so these are present twice (mainly the background scenery in the main map, like tombstones etc.).

Note that the colors differ slightly from the assembled maps that are available on the HOL.

See the post above for all maps.

I also added a alternative version of the hanging bridge which is supposed to be used as background and foreground layers. This version doesn't appear in the game, of course.

The water tiles will be uploaded seperately because they are something of a mess to assemble :)

Edit: I forgot the Snail Island tilemap :) I will also upload the backgrounds once the snail tilemap is assembled.

Cherno 05 April 2016 22:55

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Here are the background images.

I had to guess the position of the castle window background as there was no way of telling where exactly it begins and ends, so I just put it in the middle.

Also, the post with the tilemaps has been updated and the snail island tilemap added.






s2325 05 April 2016 22:59

Thanks for these 2 last backgrounds with buildings as in game it's always slightly obscured :great

Cherno 05 April 2016 23:02


Originally Posted by s2325 (Post 1082199)
Thanks for these 2 last backgrounds with buildings as in game it's always slightly obscured :great

If you downloaded it, do it again as I just changed a few things in the castle backgrounds (the transparency wasn't purple and the second background was not the right width).

Also, the Castle Background 2 image looks wrong in the third row from above; the color doesn't fit with the color camp. I double-checked and it is indeed how it appears in the game.

Curiously, the giant snake isn't made from maptiles like Barloom but rather a single sprite, even though it isn't animated either.

ReadOnlyCat 06 April 2016 00:29

Nice effort!
The amount of repetition in the tile sets is quite high. Were the tiles with very similar content stored as-is in memory?

And these backgrounds are really nice. When I played the game I kept wondering whether the game would offer the chance to visit these locales. ;)

Cherno 06 April 2016 00:45

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Not sure what you mean by repetition. Besides the re-use of the rope tiles, I don't think there's any repetition between the tilesets :confused

Here are the raw images pulled via Maptapper.

Cherno 06 April 2016 00:46

2 Attachment(s)

s2325 06 April 2016 00:47

With more colors, just for fun:


Any chance for ripping backgrounds from Ork?

Cherno 06 April 2016 00:53

I'm not interested in Ork, never played it ;) It's not too hard to do with Maptapper, give it a try :)

Good job on the colorization.

ReadOnlyCat 06 April 2016 00:55


Originally Posted by Cherno (Post 1082217)
Not sure what you mean by repetition. Besides the re-use of the rope tiles, I don't think there's any repetition between the tilesets :confused

Here are the raw images pulled via Maptapper.

I meant within each tile set, sorry. A few tiles contain identical elements with just a few additions. This always irks me because they could have been constructed dynamically rather than consume memory.
Also many tiles contain a lot of empty space.
But I am a professional nitpicker so do not mind me. ;)

Cherno 06 April 2016 01:18

Ah I see. Yes the rock edge tiles have a lot of very similar looking variations.

TEOL 09 May 2016 15:10

I don't know how many of the 3 Beast games made it into the leaked source codes but if 2 is in the released source codes then it's easier to rip the graphics including the unused ones from that rather than the disk itself.


Cherno 15 October 2016 00:17

Just a random realization: The title screen from Nicky Boom as well as a some in-game graphics, seen here:

https://abload.de/img/untitled-3utqu9.png https://abload.de/img/70796-nickyboom38p9y.jpg https://abload.de/img/untitled-2wjyv9.png

has a tree that seems to be directly inspired by one of the two trees included in SOTB2's main tilemap. I guess I only noticed that is because I spent so much time assembling these tilemaps ;)

Dan of LemonAmiga even mentions Shadow of the Beast when talking about the still images of Nicky Boom :)

s2325 15 October 2016 01:22

nice find! :great

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