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slademania 27 October 2019 12:37

Game coding
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Hi to all.

I have taken my computer from the storage room and decided to
remember my coding times again. I did things in Amos but now
I am getting acquainted with Blitz. reading the manual I have
seen that in the sentence "DisplayAdjust (from Display Lib)"
says that it is almost impossible to have a dp display of 4
bitplanes each and 8 sprites moving across the screen. The code
I send shows that it can be done perfectly. This code is as
simple as possible but I think it is a good base for the
creation of games. I wait for your opinions about it.

Thank you for read me.

Daedalus 27 October 2019 22:26

Welcome along... It's not impossible at all, but what the manual is getting at is that the display needs to be narrower than normal. Sprite fetching has a lower priority than other DMA channels, so if you don't use a narrower display, sprite channel 7 goes missing as there simply isn't time for it. Which is why games like Super Skidmarks have the width of the display reduced.

slademania 28 October 2019 07:36

Hi Daedalus, thank you very much for your explanation. Yes, I understand that to having
all sprites in a overscan display is not possible. Anyway playing with the "DisplayAdjust"
command is possible to get a reasonable display width.

Have good time!

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