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LaundroMat 03 December 2002 13:18

Easy one...
.. but I can't remember the name.

This morning, my girlfriend told me of a dream she had (PM for details), and I suddenly thought of this game that I know I always wanted back in my Amiga haydays. Once I had it, I couldn't be bothered to play it, stupid man that I am.

Anyway. It's a game about a man living in a nightmare. Gfx are great, the man is clad in a checkered pyama suit, and I remember one scene of him being attacked by giant wasps. For one reason or another, I seem to think all characters on the screen were huge (could have to do with my own height at the time, ahem). Sword of Sodan type sprites (or rather bobs).
I also seem to remember a scene with those stone heads from Easter Island in the background. A fairground, and some puzzle involving candy floss springs to mind now too.

It was an adventure game, viewed from the side. No commercial info remembered...

misguided_fool 03 December 2002 13:27

Easy peasy...
Weird dreams by Rainbird

LaundroMat 03 December 2002 14:03

Told you it was easy :)

Now let's have a look where I could find it...

(/me zips off)

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