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T_hairy_bootson 06 June 2008 02:33

Quickshot Python: crap joystick or crappest joystick ever?



Calgor and I were talking about joysticks last night at the user group meeting and I thought this was a topic that needed some discussion. I know Blade002 also likes these joysticks for some reason. I personally cant stand them and would just break them as soon as my hands came into contact with them.

oneshotdead 06 June 2008 05:08

I voted "crap", 'cos there are crappier.

BTW, it is "crappiest", not "crappest" (sorry, spell-Nazi here.)

T_hairy_bootson 06 June 2008 06:30


Originally Posted by oneshotdead (Post 420878)
I voted "crap", 'cos there are crappier.

BTW, it is "crappiest", not "crappest" (sorry, spell-Nazi here.)

Both words dont exist so either variation works.

Calgor 06 June 2008 06:31


The joystick will not turn the car/fighter any faster by pushing harder to the left or right. It is a digital joystick, not analogue.

I call this phenomenon of gamers doing this "arse-wiping", as the gamer also leans across their seat to the left or right to "assist" the car to move in that direction.

Keep this in mind, and you will not break the stick, which I gather is your reason for not liking this joystick. Be gentle.

btw, the version of the python with the microswitches which click gives more accurate feedback, though I don't know if it is more fragile because of this.


T_hairy_bootson 06 June 2008 09:39

I cant control my own strength when quickly moving from one direction to the other, if I had to hold back in order to not destroy fragile joysticks that would cut down my reaction time I guess. Never used the microswitched version I suppose that would be much better than those silly pressure pad contact ones I have used.

Thread title is crap joystick or crappest joystick not crappy joystick or crappiest joystick. Both words mean poo and are used as slang. "Spell-nazis" shouldnt hang around on internet forums if they are going to get anal about the way slang words are used.

s2325 06 June 2008 09:42

I have Python 1, it's perfect for me ;)
and my old love:

musashi5150 06 June 2008 09:56

I've always quite liked the Python :p (And just to make sure I get lynched..) I've always liked Zipstik better than Competition Pro too ;)

DDNI 06 June 2008 10:34

Konix Speedking for me..... :)

killergorilla 06 June 2008 13:29

This joystick is crap.

BippyM 06 June 2008 13:32

I love the microswitched python (the 1M)!!!

So go fook yourselves!

:D :D :cheese

killergorilla 06 June 2008 13:44

I always knew you were an asshole BippyM.

BippyM 06 June 2008 13:50


Originally Posted by killergorilla (Post 420959)
I always knew you were an asshole BippyM.

takes one to know one monkeyboy ;)

Belgarath 06 June 2008 14:01

I liked em as well, but they were definitely too easy to break.

Graham Humphrey 06 June 2008 14:02

I like the Python 1M too. Not my favourite joystick but I thought it was pretty good - lasted me a few years too.

BippyM 06 June 2008 14:03

I had the original Python 1 with the rubber pads, but the pads broke too easily so I purchased a 1M and I found it to be fantastic..

Everyone has their own favourites and this was mine, followed closely by the Bug :D

Graham Humphrey 06 June 2008 14:05

Ooh, I loved the Bug :D

They certainly didn't last very long though... a real shame.

BippyM 06 June 2008 14:06

Yeah I thought the design of the bug was very innovative for the time..

The speedking was also an innovative shape.. :D

Muzkat 06 June 2008 14:10

I don't think they were crap, but I had one and broke it within a month.

My favourite joystick was the Quickjoy Topstar.

matthew 06 June 2008 15:32

I refuse to vote as I think it's one of the best joysticks I ever owned. :agree

I brought two from Tandy when I first got my Amiga, they were much better than the Cheetah 125+ which I got with my Spectrum.

blade002 06 June 2008 15:49

LOL... your funny THB, ive always known you've loathed my joystick choice!..:bash;)

I think i have used Quickshot's ever since my C64 days and i have used the Python from about 1989 till present day!. Its true that the Pressure Pad ones suck and i actually spent last weekend take apart another Quickshot joystick to take its pressure pads out to put into another because they were all split!.

BUT.. as Bippy said, the Microswitch one ( that i now have ) is absolutely brilliant!, and far far stronger than those shitty pressure pads, and you CAN give it some abuse!.. i have wrenched the think real hard recently playing the Chaos Engine for the EAB Compo.. :) It was kind of like the time i went from my brick Commodore mouse that came with the A500 with its crappy contacts and bought a Microswitch mouse which cost me $70 in 1991 !!.. but the difference in response and reliability with that mouse was phenomenal!.

So in a nutshell, to me they mold to your hand perfectly, they have a large base to wrap your hand around to keep it stable and they are very responsive. Nothing really beats those nice arcade sticks with multiple buttons, but for sheer home use, i prefer the python. ;)

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