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deltamdx 26 October 2001 12:22

all my emulators run SSSSLLLLOOWWWW
hi there, i have WINUAE, fellow and WINfellow running on my PC, the reason i have the 3 is that they all run a bit slow. i have looked on all the other emu sites out there, i've tried certain config files for WINUAE, but no joy. could someone please help me out here, i'm thinking it is my PC.

P.S> my pc is a P2 350MHz with 192mb RAM

Drake1009 26 October 2001 13:18

I know this sounds silly, but try disabling sound emulation. It works for me in WinUAE.

I'm assuming you mean the actual game speed and not loading. *Gets hit with a brick for making such a bad comment*

§ane 26 October 2001 13:51


1. Use an older non-JIT version of WinUAE, 0.8.14 R3 recommended.

2. Use Scanlines instead of Doubled mode.

3. Display should be set to 16-bit for increased speed.

4. If you require sound, set it to "Emulated" and not 100%.

5. Upgrade your CPU, makes all the difference.

Shatterhand 27 October 2001 08:05

Upgrade your CPU is the best bet :)

Add some frameskip too, it will help...

In some games you may try to mess with the CPU----Chipset bar in Winuae, as it may make the game faster....

RetroMan 27 October 2001 10:17

Uhm, may it also have to do with the gfx card :confused I remeber one year ago I had an AMD K6/2@350Mhz. and a GeForce1 with 32 MB and all the games run very nice and fast ...

Muzkat 27 October 2001 16:11

Give different configs a go in WinUAE. I remember when I first started ADF-ing a few months ago many of my games ran choppily, with no or crap sound. I found the configs from the Malc- Ale site very helpful- now most games run great. I use a few emus, but mostly 8.8r7 is the best for me, and I have a P2 350mhz with 128 mb.

Heres Malc-Ale's site:

Drake1009 27 October 2001 17:14

Retroman : I remeber one year ago I had an AMD K6/2@350Mhz. and a GeForce1 with 32 MB and all the games run very nice and fast ...

I have a 533Mhz P3 with a Geforce 32MB ram card and a SB live! and winUAE runs choppy and slow. I know someone with a 400 Mhz processor who used to run winUAE nice and fast, he borrowed a Geforce with 32 MB ram and suddently it runs like mine does. When he returned the Geforce and installed his old TNT2 card it ran fine again. The GeForce1 card sucks at 2D graphics it seems.

RetroMan 27 October 2001 20:38


Originally posted by Drake1009
The GeForce1 card sucks at 2D graphics it seems.
Well, if it would suck, it wouldn´t had worked for me ;) I still have my GeForce1 and I´m still happy with it .....

Ian 27 October 2001 20:49

Hmm, download the latest drivers for the GeForce Drake1009 (If you haven't already:)) and see if that helps >500mhz is easily enough to run WinUAE

Drake1009 27 October 2001 22:13

I have some fairly new drivers which worked best with 3D graphics (Since that's what it's made for). I'm sure one of the major problems I have is conflicts. If I disable sound completely it runs fairly well. I've stopped trying to understand my computer. Sometimes it wants to work and sometimes it's just being a pain in the a$$ (Usually this is the case)

Still the 2D capabilities are passed by the TNT2 card.

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