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AC/DC HACKER! 18 November 2018 23:03 to 4.1.0 more than 32MB Zorro III bug?
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Hello Toni,

I think this doesn't belong in the Beta thread. But it is a bug.

I was playing around with Payback PPC a while ago when I noticed something interesting. Ignore the "PPC OS 4.1.1" stuff in the config. I was using OS 3.5 for this. In the newer builds, if I add Z3 256MB then there's a hit in performance. 4.1.0 PB 9.. It requires a bit to load, and I have fastest CPU setting selected. Then, the menu animation spins fast, but also has moments where it lags and goes much slower, then back to regular speed. Game play is the same because of this.

So I loaded and repeated it. Yep! But it just remains slow in loading and slow in animation..there isn't any speedup and slowdown.

After checking different settings I came across RAM..figured I'd zero all Z3 RAM. That did it. and Payback PPC are as speedy as I noticed long time ago. 0 slowing...plays great at Fastest CPU. However, with this beta the difference is it still has a "slowing" or "speed jerking" that happens. Game is not playable..

To check further, any Z3 <= to 32MB are fine.. Speed is good. On any Z3 "slot" with beta I'm using. Do so with, and it's fine also. Go above 32MB and bug comes into play. Again, any Z3 Slot..or fill all slots.

You want dumps as well? I use the extra RAM for archiving and other stuff. I haven't testing file copying and such yet.

AC/DC HACKER! 19 November 2018 07:06

Update 1: CPU Idle was the problem with slowdown, and jerkiness with Fast as Possible with both versions. I've set it back to default. (Notch #3) Z3 RAM >32MB in any slot, or all slots remains a problem as described.

When A500/A1200 (exact Cycle) is selected, the game is slow running...but makes sense, from all the comments you've typed about PPC and so on.. Fast as Possible runs fine with CPU Idle as default.

AC/DC HACKER! 21 November 2018 17:05

Since others have downloaded the archives, anyone else notice the Z3 Memory "bug"? Or has it gone fine for everyone else?

White 21 November 2018 17:44

Excuse the OT
can you do the tests in opengl with PPC?
those warp3d 5.1?
what speed do you get?
Thank you

AC/DC HACKER! 22 November 2018 01:29

What does Warp3D 5.1 have to do with Z3 RAM? I think your question would be better suited for a different topic, perhaps ShogoMAD that was previously started.

White 22 November 2018 11:17

And right, sorry

Toni Wilen 22 November 2018 17:30

As usual. Not enough information and probably memory has nothing to do with anyway. For example set some other type of memory before deciding it has something to do with memory type.

EDIT: CPU idle has completely changed in later 3.x versions and it was really meant to work with PPC anyway..

AC/DC HACKER! 22 November 2018 18:21

I attached the logs. I have changed the Z3 memory from all that could be selected. Not on, but after 32MB is when there's a performance hit from any of the Z3 slots or all of them filled. I've not decided it's the Z3 memory for sure. It's the closest possibility I noticed at the time. Could it be something else? Oh, yeah!

Z2 RAM doesn't seem to affect anything with Payback PPC. I'm only using Payback PPC because it's affected. I'm not meaning to point only to WarpOS or PPC in particular.

I only commented on the CPU Idle because I clued in that I had changed it some time ago in tests and then forgot about it. After noticing it -- changed it back..and that helped a lot with the normal speed/sluggish switching on/off, on/off, on/off, etc.

Update: Looks like I found more specific. This morning I started WinUAE, loaded my config, and added 256MB to Z3 Slot 1 only. Then changed Memory area's "Automatic (*) from that to UAE (0x100......) and clicked Start. Loaded Payback PPC (Fastest Possible, and not using JIT) and the game loads very quick and plays fine, from my several minutes of testing.

When I tap F12, reset, and change only UAE (0x100......) to Real (0x400......) and Start, and load the game again. Now I see the affect.

So, you're correct, Toni, it's not just selecting the RAM in Z3..and I was only pointing to what I had noticed before. :)

Toni Wilen 22 November 2018 18:27

Instead of Z3 RAM, try Processor Slot RAM, it is almost always RAM type that real hardware uses. (because Z3 RAM is slow in real world)

AC/DC HACKER! 22 November 2018 20:06

I understand with my Amiga 4000 CSPPC + BigRamPlus in Z3 Slot 2 is slower than CSPPC's RAM. I can see that when copy files into RAM when CSPPC's RAM is fully used and BigRamPlus (256) is being used next. I also knew it in the later 90's. :) I know you didn't know, which is why I'm informing. :)

I'll step it down and check what happens. Not adding ANY Z3 RAM.. Didn't change the "Automatic (*)". Set CSPPC to 64MB. Reset. Now checking 32MB. Stopped loading because there wasn't enough RAM when attempting to load game, after the menu.

Leaving 32MB and adding 256 Z3..and not changing Automatic (*). Wow, that was slower than a Picasso 4 in Z2 mode. HAHA! Now, only changing Automatic (*) to UAE.. Same speed as last one.

0-ing CSPPC and keeping everything else as is... Same as before. However, when Reset from F12, CSPPC RAM is showing at 8. Curious, making it 0 again and Start. Workbench loaded, tapped F12, and I see CSPPC RAM is at 8 again in GUI. Hmm.. Clicked Restart, making CSPPC 0 again, and changing Motherboard RAM to 0 from 16MB. Switched GUI back to Extentions. CSPPC still reads as None. Starting.. Got stuck on a blank Workbench screen. Only CD "light" blinks once in a while. Tapped F12, CSPPC is at 8 again. Moving CSPPC back to None and will do a Without Startup-Sequence and see what happens. I can get a directory listing... Avail shows 276,299,776 Max Fast.

Set Echo On then started the boot. It stops during the mount of DOSDrivers. Tap F12 and CSPPC is back to 8MB.

Anything further you'd like me to check?

White 23 November 2018 21:36

It would be interesting for me to compare your PPC cyberstorm configuration
that you currently use, there are many ways to get the right configuration.
I personally always try to get a unique configuration even if it can be inconvenient in some cases.
You could put screenshots of your "CPU rom ram" configuration etc.
I think the benefit is useful for those who want to emulate this ppc machine.
Everything I use personally works well other things I put aside and I try to configure it then calmly to add it to working applications and this takes time.
Thanks for a possible sharing of the screeshot

At the moment my configuration works well with wazp3d with Voxel-PPC engines and other applications, but sharing does nothing but improve the configuration.
Thank you.

AC/DC HACKER! 23 November 2018 22:47

It's within the attachment(s) of first message. :) I'm actually a very calm person, but you seem to suggest differently. CPU, ROM, RAM settings..all are there. :) I know some Amiga users become "hot heads" pretty easily, but that's not my choice way of living.

This thread, though, doesn't have anything to do with Warzp3D. The thread with Shogo is much applicable. :)

White 23 November 2018 23:12

Thanks, I meant if it was possible "screenshot" .jpg
even just as attachments to watch them,
I use many configurations, it would be more convenient for me to see them instead of having only the configuration and the logs.
I use 2 types of versions of winuae not compatible with each other, this is because I use a real HD with windows dedicated, in practice I do not understand the reason for this but every beta that is released is not compatible with the version "real HD" if not saved before the configuration on my normal windows I use.
Excuse the twisted speech.
Thanks, if you have the patience to do 2-3 screenshots I would appreciate it very much :)

White 23 November 2018 23:27

Also I have problems with the memory ram, now partly resolved, so I wanted to see the configuration, I always gave up this emulation 3.9 + PPC for the cause of the speed of execution and file transfer etc.
But with your suggestion z3 ram 32mb I started working on it because I saw that it worked, that's all.
And I made some changes that make the 3.9 + PPC fun to use and fast

I like to exchange opinions constructively, everything else is dispersive is useless
thanks in advance for any screenshots :)

AMIGASYSTEM 23 November 2018 23:36


Originally Posted by AC/DC HACKER! (Post 1286652)

Leaving 32MB and adding 256 Z3..and not changing Automatic (*). Wow, that was slower than a Picasso 4 in Z2 mode. HAHA! Now, only changing Automatic (*) to UAE.. Same speed as last one.

Yes, if you use resolution 16Bit UAE Zorro III becomes as fast as Picasso IV

If you do a test with the Cave Story game you will notice very well the difference between the two Graphics Cards regardless of the RAM used :)


White 24 November 2018 00:01

This suggestion is also interesting, then I'll write it later on the post by Shogo,
Where Shogo also works with the picassoIV but the colors of the palette all unpacked even with different depths of color
Where "PPC warp3d with picasso IV" also works setting to $ 40000000 warpos prefs, I wanted to wait to talk about this after having solved the problem of the speed of execution of the z3 ram, I apologize, I will return to this in the post of Shogo.

It is not my intention to get out of the current memory problem

AC/DC HACKER! 24 November 2018 00:55

Haw, haw, White, I know what a screenshot is. Patience doesn't have anything to do with it. I'll see about it in a bit.

AC/DC HACKER! 24 November 2018 00:57


Originally Posted by AMIGASYSTEM (Post 1286865)
Yes, if you use resolution 16Bit UAE Zorro III becomes as fast as Picasso IV

If you do a test with the Cave Story game you will notice very well the difference between the two Graphics Cards regardless of the RAM used :)


I wasn't comparing the differences. I was noticing the impact of the changes and tests I was doing.

AC/DC HACKER! 24 November 2018 20:35

2 Attachment(s)

Originally Posted by White (Post 1286860)
I like to exchange opinions constructively, everything else is dispersion is useless
thanks in advance for any screenshots :)

Every conversation is constructive. Even if someone doesn't think so. We are constantly learning and creating. That's how I view everything about life. Even disagreements are constructive. I don't consider any conversation to be useless. Everything has meaning. Asked for...here they are. :)

White 25 November 2018 12:03

Thanks for the screens,
I've never had a ppc, the performances are more than good apart obviously the lack of a video card, but this has already been talked about
I just have to better understand the operation of warpos
A question the versions included in the 3.9 workbench of powepc and warpos are the last ones?
Or are there more updated versions for cyberstorm-ppc on the web?
Amiga with its existing software offers various opportunities and for each person there are needs related to personal tastes, all you can do with 68k today with the emulation is extraordinary thinking back to many years ago 'when I used the 0.8xx
Amigaos 4.1 works very well for what I have done, I would say easier in its use, while the 3.9 + PPC as I remember is a project left to itself and no longer carried forward.
Thanks again, for every answer it would help me to understand what to download.
I hope too later to be able to give valuable suggestions in configurations of 3.9 + PPC
how do you do with me today, thank you
Hello good afternoon :)

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