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Noth 21 April 2016 22:42

So I've got FS-UAE 2.6.2 running on my openbsd laptop from the openbsd-wip branch of ports, and it seems to work for most things. Using the HDF images I uploaded, and with this config, it boots to prompt:


uae_a2065 = slirp
uae_sana2 = true
amiga_model = A3000
bsdsocket_emu = false
chip_memory = 2048
compfpu = true
floppy_drive_speed = 800
floppy_image_0 = Amiga Unix 2.1 Boot.adf
floppy_image_1 = Amiga Unix 2.1 Patch.adf
floppy_image_2 = Amiga Unix 2.1 Root.adf
fpu_strict = true
graphics_card = picasso-ii
graphics_memory = 2048
hard_drive_0 = bigamix-2.1-patched.hdf
hard_drive_0_controller = scsi6
hard_drive_0_type = rdb
kickstart_file = Kickstart v2.04 rev 37.175 (1991)(Commodore)(A3000).rom
motherboard_ram = 16384
slirp_redir = tcp:16001:6001:
slirp_redir = tcp:10023:23:
tape_drive_0 = /home/vortexx/tape.tar
tape_drive_0_controller = scsi0
tape_drive_0_type = rdb
uae_scsi_a3000 = 1
uaegfx_card = 0

However, trying to install doesn't work because I don't seem to be able to get the tape drive to be detected (I guess my syntax is wrong but I can't find any indication of how to do this in FS-UAE). Early days still, but nice to not have to depend on WinUAE+WINE.

emufan 22 April 2016 00:32

this website says, you must use scsi id 4 for the tape, this value is hardcoded in the installer.
cannot confirm, never done, and my tests right at the moment failed.

one thing i discovered: after once booted from the boot floppy, i had to replace against the original again, otherwise winuae gave guru or HALT7 status.

Noth 23 April 2016 02:07

I know all that but the main problem is syntax or even support for tape drives in FS-UAE. I've been helping to run AMIX in WinUAE nearly from the beginning, time to look at a unix native emulator (again! after e-uae and uae...).

emufan 23 April 2016 10:23

sorry Noth, i didnt know you are involved :)

looking into the fs-uae source code, does not give any evidence, tapes are supported.
/src/fs-uae/ got a lot of config*.c and config*.h files, but there you cannot find the term tape.
you can find "hard_drive" but not "tape_drive" or "tape" at all.
so i think tape support is not yet build in.
i suggest you write a feature request in the fs-uae thread :)

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