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Noth 04 June 2015 16:28

DMI Resolver and Motif
Anyone got a DMI Resolver? It came with the AMIX port of Motif. if we have Motif we can get the NCSA Mosaic browser working in X11R5, it'd be really nice to have...

Noth 07 October 2015 22:50


bln 30 October 2015 00:27

Isn't Motif just a bunch of libraries on top of the X11 libs? (GUI toolkit).

I remember there is Lesstif, an Free/Open clone of Motif that is API compatible.

- bln

Shadowfire 04 February 2017 02:05

The DMI resolver came with a copy of the SAGE driver (SAGE never went anywhere, because it wasn't an actual abstraction layer, and thus offered no benefit for anyone) for AmigaDOS, and a copy of DMIPaint (which is similar to an old version of MSpaint) which used the SAGE driver.
I don't remember there being any other disks.

Noth 15 February 2017 23:16

I got the info off a post from Usenet's comp.unix.amiga. Might have come only if you were getting the card for AMIX.

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