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Mifi 06 October 2006 22:29

Servers still workin???
Im interested in playing Amiga classics online with Kalliera but when i connect to it this server is not on the list!! Is it still workin?? Does anybody still plays Kaillera here? :crying

Mifi 24 October 2006 09:12

Well sicne nobody is answering my question i thought of three reasons why this is happening
1.Cause i wrote a little confusing sentance:confused
2.Poeple dont know answer and dont actualy play Kalliera:sleep
3.People thinks my question is stupid:nuts

For reasons 2 and 3 i cant do anything but i can try to explain my question.
My problem is simple I cant conect to Kalliera server on EAB. I know how to connect to Kalliera main server, but in a list of servers that are curently on i cant find one from this site.(abime.net)
And maybe i found answer by myself. Ive read a thread from 2001 and guy who should run this server says that server is still not secure and hes waiting for new final relese..

Marcuz 24 October 2006 17:18

i'm sorry i know little of kaillera, i've tryed it just once some years ago and i wasn't able to make it work

mihcael 22 November 2006 09:45

Hey mate!

Still keen for some Kaillera?

Don't know about the EAB server but there are plenty of servers you can you use, i doubt you will find any amiga gamers on them so you will have to organise a game with a mate and meet them.

you can line up some games at amigagames.com, Here

and aslo checkout
Amiga Online for more info

DamienD 22 November 2006 20:05

Hey mihcael,

We never got around to having that comp of Speedball 2 with blade002 :scream

Finding the time to play games (plus the time difference) is always hard :crying

mihcael 23 November 2006 06:36

Hey, that was a while ago!!

Chase up a game on amigagames in the link above, plenty of Uk'ers there and a few SB2 fans!!

DamienD 23 November 2006 18:37

Thanks for the tip, will get around to it one day ;)

Hungry Horace 24 November 2006 21:41

i'm often up for a game. cant say i've tested the servers in a while though.

DamienD 24 November 2006 21:53

...and you are in the UK (Kent).

I'm in the UK (London) ;)

Not that it really matters these days with broadband (mine connection is curerntly 8MB) :great

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